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By Aabye-Gayle D. Francis-Favilla
, April 15, 2022
AARP celebrates the centenarian, who was America’s oldest serving ranger with the National Park Service before retiring this spring.  
, April 1, 2022
Sweltering streets. Toxic tap water. Parched pastureland. People of color bear the brunt of pollution’s effects worldwide. Meet Black women fighting to protect us — and the planet.
, March 25, 2022
One of my sheroes, Dr. bell hooks gave women a language to express our lives, our work and our feelings of love, despair and hope.
, March 25, 2022
Starting in second grade, I’ve learned again and again that ‘looking just a little bit Black’ isn’t a compliment or an advantage.
, March 18, 2022
Reading stories fed me. So why couldn’t I get back to this habit that I loved and that had saved my life, time and time again?
By Aabye-Gayle D. Francis-Favilla
, March 11, 2022
In the 1920s, she became the first African American woman to earn a pilot license. Carole Hopson, a commercial aviator, penned a historical novel based on her story. 
, February 17, 2022
Short stories can be just as immersive and entertaining as novels, while allowing you to easily digest them in pockets of time.
, January 28, 2022
In the mood for a good chuckle? Tune in our favorite comedies from the ’70s to the present.
, January 13, 2022
Realize your gifts as you draw inspiration from Janet Jackson, Alvin Ailey and others. Plus: Addictive new dramatic series feature creators from New York City to Napa Valley.
, December 17, 2021
Here’s seasonal viewing fun for everyone! Pour some eggnog and cozy up to Christmas specials and TV movies full of music, romance, drama and holiday cheer.
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