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, May 8, 2020
At some point, I hope this will all be over. What I hope will remain is a worldwide sense of community and compassion.
By Shonda Buchanan
, April 17, 2020
Videoconferencing from our private spaces opens a lens on cultural authenticity, professional image, workplace code-switching and white privilege.
, April 14, 2020
8 Series and Movies Featuring Strong Black Women to Stream While Quarantined
, April 6, 2020
You’ve helped Michelle Obama’s memoir make publishing history. Now, check out the fascinating lives of these famous sister scribes.
, April 6, 2020
From Miami to Martha’s Vineyard, 7 road-trip worthy events feature celebrities, advance screenings, parties, performances and more.
By Carla Hayden as told to Sharon M. Hannon
, April 6, 2020
America’s top librarian, Carla Hayden, reveals what we can learn from Parks’ work during Women’s History Month and beyond.
, April 6, 2020
The brilliant and beloved poet spoke to Sisters about activism, music, friendship, faith and aging well.
, March 27, 2020
With humor, pain and plenty of plot twists, her latest novel is a girlfriend story for the ages.
, February 28, 2020
The actress told us about friendship, focus, family, faith, finding purpose, her funny new project and why we all need to pamper our feet.
, February 7, 2020
Black art matters. 'Sisters' visits the world-famous Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture, where curator Tammi Lawson preserves our story.
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