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You're Reading 3 Things To Do Before You Dye Your Natural Hair at Home

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3 Things To Do Before You Dye Your Natural Hair at Home

Keep Your Curls Healthy With At-home Color

Anyone who has transitioned from relaxed to natural hair knows caring for your curls requires more attention to detail, time, and yes — patience. Caring for curly, coily strands is a labor of love, especially when you consider altering your natural color. And, while curly hair is gravity-defying, beautiful and strong, it is also prone to dryness and breakage.

Make sure you achieve your at-home color safely, without compromising the health of your hair or altering your curl pattern. Here are a few precautionary measures to follow before you lift or drop your hair by a shade or two.

  • Assess your hair. Dusting your ends prior to doing any chemical treatment is always a good idea. Not only do split ends impact the length retention and overall health of your hair, but they also don’t take color as well as healthy strands. So, for the most vibrant color results, ditch the split ends. You’ll also want to come up with a realistic plan for safely achieving the color you want, especially if you’re planning to lighten your hair shade.
  • Skip shampooing. Coloring your hair can be stressful on your scalp. Skip shampooing before a color treatment. This allows the natural oils on your scalp to serve as a protective barrier on your skin while the color works its magic on your strands. It also helps you avoid scalp sensitivity. Win-win.
  • Treat your hair. Begin to prep your hair for coloring a few days to a week before you color. Because the ends of your hair are older than the hair that is growing in at the roots, they’re often weaker. To fortify your strands and prepare them for color, try a protein treatment. Use your favorite hair mask or saturate your strands with a single raw egg and cover with a cap for 20 to 30 minutes. This strengthens hair from root to tip, so your hair is as healthy as your color is lush.

At-home color doesn’t have to be a hassle. Follow these steps to ensure your coloring experience yields the results you want and won’t damage your curls. With L'Oréal’s Color&Co Personalized Haircolor, you can easily achieve haircolor results that you’ll love.

Take a self-guided quiz and consult virtually with a professional to develop an at-home kit custom-formulated to work for your specific hair type. The kits also come with Color&Co Infuse Replenishing Conditioner. It’s specially formulated for color-treated hair to deeply nourish dry hair and help you maintain gorgeous, salon-worthy color.

Visit Color&Co to get your personalized haircolor today!

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