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You're Reading Winter Care Tips for Your Color-Treated Hair

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Winter Care Tips for Your Color-Treated Hair

3 TLC Tips When the Temperature Drops

As a young Black girl, three things were certain in our household: bonnets or silk scarves were a staple, Saturdays were dedicated to hair maintenance, and caring for our strands was especially important in the cooler months. Now that I’m older and my hair is color-treated, it needs a little more TLC in the winter to keep the gorgeous luster it has in the spring and summer. To maintain my color and the health of my curls, it’s essential I tap into the lessons of those Saturdays from my childhood.

  • Cover up! Naturally curly hair, especially when it’s chemically treated, tends to be dry. In the winter months, you have to put in extra effort to maintain moisture. Whether you’re wearing a hat or wrapping your hair with a headscarf, make sure to cover your hair with fabric that’s gentle on your strands. Consider lining your winter hats with silk to ensure your hair is protected.
  • Wash your hair with lukewarm water. Hot showers are a good way to ward off the chill, but cooler water is the best bet for your hair year-round, particularly in the winter. Hot water can leave your strands feeling dry and frizzy, making it harder to restore and maintain moisture.
  • Stay away from sulfates. Natural hair needs moisture and oils to help protect it and retain its elasticity. Sulfates can strip your hair of natural oils, making it feel dry, brittle, and prone to breakage. Color-treated strands need an extra boost of moisture to maintain their vibrancy, luster, and shine, so abstain from using products that have sulfates.

As the mercury falls, your hair needs a little more love to maintain a healthy sheen. L'Oréal’s Color&Co Personalized Haircolor kits not only provide everything you need to achieve salon-quality color at home, but they also offer a hair-care line formulated for color-treated strands. Sulfate-free Respect Shampoo will clean your hair without depleting it of everything your hair needs to thrive. Infuse Conditioner is chock-full of hydrating ingredients like coconut oil that work to keep your hair looking radiant and healthy.

If you’re worried about coloring your hair at home, Color&Co will take all of the guesswork out of at-home haircolor. It starts with a self-guided quiz that is quick and easy to follow. Then, to ensure you get salon-quality color from the comfort of your home, you can even speak to one of L'Oréal’s professional colorists virtually to answer any questions you have.

Visit Color&Co to get your personalized haircolor today!

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