Image of Birthday Dream Diary

I made it. Another birthday. Another circuit around the brilliant sun. Today I am blessed to be years old, yet my essence is as timeless as the cosmos. In celebration of living, I'll pause to enjoy a deep, relaxing breath.

Over the last 365 days I've journeyed across peaks, especially when and through valleys, such as I have stumbled and surrendered, then rested and resumed. My path is divinely ordered. I just need to take a step forward. Then another. I am sheltered spiritually amid all storms.

Beyond the dark clouds the sun's brilliance never wavers. I resolve each day to stay in the light, to seek it within and to radiate it outward. In those human moments when my spirit dims, I can reach out and share my true feelings with someone who I care about and who cares about me.

In truth, I realize that In gratitude, I realize that

So, this day, the date of my birth, is also a time of conception—
of dazzling dreams waiting to manifest. I am expectant. These are the realities I envision as I hold the light of...


I accept these blessings as they come into my life. I give thanks for each moment, each sunrise, each breath.
I am joy.

Illustration of women celebrating