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Anonymous's Articles
, April 14, 2020
If I hadn’t ignored them, I could have confronted him before encounters between him and his coworker went from innocent to physical.
, February 13, 2020
How could I miss the red flags? Here’s what I’ll never do again.
, October 4, 2019
He strayed. I stayed. But I refuse to be played.
, July 26, 2019
The signs I missed. The shocking discovery. The courage it took to leave, heal and find love.
, March 21, 2019
The texts between my husband and his pretty, blue-eyed coworker referred to me as ‘the b*tch.’ Here’s what I did next.
, October 19, 2018
“It’s not personal. It’s business,” she would say each time I learned she’d undermined my progress on a shared project or badmouthed me to our boss. Here’s how I put the drama and stress behind me.
, August 31, 2018
I’ve got two choices: cheat — or turn up the heat.
, August 24, 2018
I noticed my brown beauty racing toward the car, panic-stricken and panting. She slammed the door shut, flashing wide-eyed fear...