Election day is Tuesday, November 3, 2020. Here’s how to vote safely.
To avoid or manage “maskne,” discoloration, dry skin, chapped lips, irritation and other issues as winter approaches, dermatologists recommend a few simple steps.
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, October 23, 2020
While this campaign season is truly one for the history books, how much do you know about memorable moments from elections past? Learn fun facts and serious statistics.
, October 23, 2020
Microaggressions and injustice can weigh us down emotionally, making it more difficult to shed pounds. A health coach and therapist helps us lighten the load and heal our bodies.
, October 23, 2020
Financial abuse — when an intimate partner controls the money to keep their mate in dependency and bondage — is the shockingly common sign of domestic violence hiding in plain sight.
From Blacula and Night of the Living Dead to Candyman and Get Out, test your knowledge of our favorite scary movies, all featuring and some created by Black folks.
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When it comes to domestic violence, I know what’s it’s like to feel alone. Here’s why I decided to use my voice.
What to Read Now
TV host, comedienne and author Loni Love reveals thoughts on her new memoir, how she’s embraced so-called flaws and the power of faith. Plus, get details on an exclusive Sisters event.
, October 16, 2020
Whether you’ve gained or lost a few pounds (or are planning to), these easy and inexpensive moves mean you’ll never need clothes in three sizes again.
, October 16, 2020
Want a slimmer figure, fewer headaches, sharper focus, less pain, lower disease risk, more energy, easier coping and instant confidence? Check your posture.
, September 25, 2020
Call it a she-shed, meditation space, relaxation room or mini-sanctuary. Create yours, and open a new door toward renewal and tranquility. A mindfulness expert shows you how.
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