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We’re giving away copies of ‘Coleman Hill,’ a spellbinding family saga from debut novelist Kim Coleman Foote.
Got chub rub? Join the club. Here’s how to manage chafing, rubbing, pain, bumps, hyperpigmentation and more.
, September 22, 2023
Keep more money in your pocket this month with these savings tips.
, September 22, 2023
You’ve tried intuitive eating, but have you heard of intuitive movement? If you’re struggling to stay consistent with your workouts, this could be the shift you need.
, September 22, 2023
Because saying yes when you don’t want to or shouldn’t could be wrecking your chances for the life you deserve.
, September 22, 2023
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With dopamine dressing, you can spark a fun mood for work or the weekend. Shop sales and your closet for a budget-friendly boost that doesn’t break the bank.
August 31, 2023
Suite! Upscale resorts with private kitchens, pools and other amenities may save you cash — and the uncertainties of renting from a homeowner.
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Drug-induced hair loss can be reversed. If you’re taking pills for pain, depression, glaucoma or for one of many other conditions, it’s worth a talk with your doctor.
, August 21, 2020
Enjoying intimacy with a lover can easily lead to neglecting our truest, happiest selves. Here’s how to find your way back — or avoid getting lost.
, November 4, 2022
If we’re going to give, here’s how to do it wisely.
, April 7, 2023
You may burn calories, sleep better, boost your immune system. Oh, and did we mention you can stream our soulful new "Tunes for the Tub" playlist?
, April 14, 2020