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Remember when summertime TV meant reruns? Now, Black actresses we love are starring in fresh episodes of hot new shows. Learn what’s new to view.
After age 50, smoothies can be a fantastic addition to a nutrition or weight loss plan.
, May 23, 2024
Do you stare at the clock and grimace?  Broken sleep in the wee hours can become more common as we age. 
If you’ve built a legacy of leadership in your corporate or nonprofit career, board membership may be right for you.
, May 23, 2024
What's happening? Here are the activities, offerings and events in the coming days that we're excited to tell you about.
, May 29, 2024
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Learn about our new closed Facebook group and join today.
January 9, 2024
These activities across the country are a family friendly and free way to explore great cities from Juneteenth to July 4th and on through Labor Day weekend.
Self-care is key
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What is your self-care practice to reduce stress?
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When it came to number one, I was making a few mistakes. With these pro tips, I can breathe a sigh of relief when it’s time to relieve myself.​
, July 22, 2022
Our skin changes as we age, but nutrition can help keep it clear, firm, supple and soft.
, January 17, 2020
If every circuit of the sun has you beaming brighter and feeling lighter, you’re regal, radiant and loving life. If not, here’s how to straighten that crown, Sis.
, February 29, 2024
Ready for love? There are signs that a person you’re getting to know may have the tools needed for a happy relationship
, May 15, 2024