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And that’s not all. This science-backed tip may lower energy bills, stress levels and your risk for diabetes and Alzheimer’s.
This Week
, September 16, 2022
When self-help books, women’s conferences, inspirational coffee mugs and other pick-me-ups didn’t lift my mood, here is the daily practice that did.
, September 16, 2022
Understanding three simple ways psychologists look at connection can help you find a good relationship — or help improve your current one.
By Aabye-Gayle D. Francis-Favilla
, September 16, 2022
Subscribers delighted in the items we hand-picked or created to fit the season’s ‘Enjoy the Moment’ theme. Plus, they had a good time connecting in our L&L Facebook group. 
, September 16, 2022
Learn new moves while getting some exercise, feeling the music, meeting new people and having a good time.
How to schedule stress-relief into your day — and keep those appointments with yourself!
Here’s how trusting your gut can add a boost to your decision-making process.

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Self-care is key
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What is your self-care practice during these stressful times?
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Real Talk for Real Sisters

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