Need a fun break? Play free online games like Solitaire and Word Scramble—and even five classics from Atari—via AARP.
The 12-time Grammy-winning gospel singer and songwriter has thoughts on a path forward. Here’s what she says about how we can walk it.
This Week
, November 20, 2020
Chart-topping tunes from Stevie, the Supremes, the Temptations and the Jackson 5 were the soundtrack of our youth. Test your musical knowledge and rewind good times.
, November 20, 2020
Give up your go-to pandemic fitness activity? No way! Besides, you may burn calories faster in the cold. Here are keep-stepping tips from AARP’s wellness guru plus a few of our friends from GirlTrek.
, November 20, 2020
Happy couples reclaim and maintain honest, heart-centered communication. Don’t tiptoe around relationship tension, say experts. Use it as a tool to get talking and get closer. 
, November 20, 2020
Hidden fat beneath the abdominal wall can wreak havoc with our bodies due to toxic hormonal effects it triggers. Here’s how to boost your health while banishing the bulge. 
These indie lines with award-winning products, celebrity fans and rave reviews are changing the game. From cleansers to lip masks and eye creams, they’ve got us covered.
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Why now is a great time to consider paring down your wardrobe and selling to consignment stores.
What to Read Now
, November 13, 2020
On, I enjoyed fun and challenging crosswords, solitaire, sudoku and more. Plus, they’ve added Atari arcade games that took me back to the ’80s!
, October 30, 2020
Sip some wine and enjoy the signature vocals of Billie, Ella, Sarah, Dinah, Dianne, Norah, Chaka, Fantasia in tunes infused with Black girl joy, resilience and magic.
, November 6, 2020
With thinner, drier skin, it’s often the first place to lose a smooth, firm appearance. A dermatologist suggests targeted skin care for ageless beauty.
By Michelle Jackson
, September 3, 2020
Overseas travel is mostly out, but short trips are still possible. Here’s how to plan them, including tips on budgeting and managing restrictions.
Let's eat
What’s the best Thanksgiving side dish?
Thanks—enjoy the holiday week!
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