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BET stars David and Tamela Mann talk about patience, prayer, partnership, making peace with our bodies — and the power of a great pair of leggings.
This Week
, November 18, 2022
Who’s your go-to for calm in a crisis, advice at a crossroads, a glam glow up, the receipts on what went down, a big belly laugh or a push toward bigger dreams?
, November 18, 2022
Yeah, it feels awkward after a while. But research suggests that your surprise call, text or invite could make their day! Learn low-key ways to catch up.
, November 18, 2022
Order fried, roasted or smoked turkey. Plus: dressing, mac 'n' cheese, vegan fare, spiral ham, gumbo, jerk chicken, candied yams, BBQ, peach cobbler, cheesecake, greens …
, November 18, 2022
Girl, who made this potato salad? Check out our mouthwatering mix of recipe guides from talented Black food and beverage pros, healthy eating advocates and cultural stewards.
You don’t have to break the bank to feel pampered. How drugstore products — generally under $15 each — can get the job done.
As we deal with turbulent times, protecting our well-being may be on our minds. Here are health choices that can help.

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, May 15, 2020
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, August 21, 2020
Head wraps make an effortlessly elegant topper to an endless array of outfits, from layered boho separates to a little black dress. These looks are all the style inspiration you need.
, September 21, 2018
Living paycheck to paycheck was one thing. But learning I’d charged $100,000 on my credit cards was a wake-up call. Three years later, I’d dug myself out of debt. Use what I learned to change your habits, get your money right — and keep it that way.
, October 21, 2022
Nonstop flights are nice ... but the price? Relax; stretch your legs and your travel dollar. Here’s where to find perks and posh experiences you can enjoy during a layover or stopover.
Self-care is key
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What is your self-care practice during these stressful times?
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