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A firmer, more supple face? Better sex? Those brisk walks or cycling sessions could help promote these pleasing perks and more. Thank us later.
, September 16, 2022
And that’s not all. This science-backed tip may lower energy bills, stress levels and your risk for diabetes and Alzheimer’s.
, September 9, 2022
Black women are turning to this traditional practice to support weight loss and as a complementary treatment for anxiety, hot flashes, fibroids, diabetes and pain. 
She was 11, active and creative before losing routines and connections during the pandemic. Then came the weight gain. Now she’s a teen taking back control.
, September 1, 2022
A campus yoga and journalism instructor shares coping strategies and counseling resources after yoga students’ practice diaries reveal depression, adversity, abuse and trauma.
A brainy, beautiful and beloved daughter’s words echoed in her mother’s heart after the daughter died by suicide.
, August 26, 2022
We may absorb sneaky put-downs without recognizing them as toxic because they come from a person we know well. Here’s how I confronted my critic and put that nastiness on mute.
, August 26, 2022
If you find symptom No. 4 in your panties, call your doctor at once.
, August 19, 2022
What do your eyes, teeth, female organs and even your GI tract have to do with that number on the scale? A lot. Learn how a visit to your doc can support weight loss goals.
, August 12, 2022
We know you’re exercising and watching salt. But look out for these sneaky triggers in your bedroom, medicine cabinet, candy jar, backyard, car and even your purse.
, August 5, 2022
You’re not alone if you can’t retrieve familiar words or your phone, glasses or keys. The good news: You’ve got the power to sharpen your memory with simple habits.
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