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Work & Money

Talk isn’t cheap. Our families and friends are losing money to scams at the rate of $9 billion a year. A language and culture of victim shaming is helping thugs get away with it.
Here’s why Black women may be particularly well suited for a soft landing — and how to help cushion your career now.
, May 5, 2023
Got an item on your to-do list that feels too daunting to make even a little dent in? An executive coach offers a surprisingly joyful path to crossing it off.
, April 14, 2023
Car dealers brazenly target Black, female and credit-challenged buyers with fine-print financing foolishness. Heed the signs and hit the brakes!
, April 14, 2023
If we’re going to give, here’s how to do it wisely.
, April 7, 2023
Crushing deadline? Piles of paperwork? Learn a free, easy and evidence-based tip that may boost relaxation, mood and focus.
, March 10, 2023
Discover how ‘microdosing fun’ may help us get through the everyday grind while fueling our well-being and future successes.
, February 24, 2023
Good news! These simple habits could save you money, enhance your experience and support businesses in our community year-round.
, February 10, 2023
When I realized that low self-worth can impact our financial decisions, I took 5 steps toward success and doubled my net worth.
, February 2, 2023
It’s as bad as it sounds. Fraudsters might steal the roof from over your head, often under the guise of ‘financial assistance.’ Here’s how to protect your home.
, January 20, 2023
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