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Plugging these loot leaks now may boost your retirement fund by six figures over the long term.
, November 19, 2021
Could you use an extra $12,000 in 2022? Not only do side gigs have the potential to bring in big bucks, many of them create social opportunities. Remote options, too!
, November 12, 2021
When I realized my feelings about myself were impacting my financial decisions, I took 5 steps to find success.
, November 5, 2021
The offers are everywhere this holiday shopping season. The payment method could spare you from credit card interest, but make sure you understand the terms.
, October 22, 2021
Some of Black women’s best qualities — compassion, generosity — are what users and fakers count on. Don’t harden your heart, get smart. (Lonely? Stressed? This is a must-read.)
You’re not alone if you’ve lost wages or reallocated funds for health care and bills. Here’s what to know about credit. Plus: Free live event with The Money Coach Lynnette Khalfani-Cox
, September 24, 2021
You won’t have time for distractions, doubt or drama with this game-changing approach to reaching your goals. It’s working for me!
, September 10, 2021
Maybe this has happened to you. Too many companies interview Black women just to exploit us and waste our time. Here are ways we can reclaim it.
, August 27, 2021
Video calls are here to stay. 8 easy background ideas to maintain your professional image, personality — and privacy. Plus: Peep looks from high-profile Black women.
, August 13, 2021
Got the pent-up urge to splurge on post-vaccination wanderlust? Here’s how to go big without going broke.
, August 13, 2021
Free park admission? A free skyline cruise? These 7 tricks for having an excellent adventure may top scoring an upgrade to first class.
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