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Me Time
On, I enjoyed fun and challenging crosswords, solitaire, sudoku and more. Plus, they’ve added Atari arcade games that took me back to the ’80s!
, January 6, 2023
As Black women, we know that finding daily joy is a necessity. With these tips from mental health pros, I’m adding more delight to my life.
, December 30, 2022
Before your celebration approaches, know which retailers, restaurants and recreational venues offer goodies!
, December 22, 2022
These minor changes could lead to big benefits for health, wealth and self. Baby steps for the win!
, December 16, 2022
Learn why some sisters are letting go of angst about aging, extra weight or changing shape and reaching toward their dreams and desires.
, December 2, 2022
Music, food, events and more! Check out these goodies that could give your wallet a rest.
, November 4, 2022
Enjoying intimacy with a lover can easily lead to neglecting our truest, happiest selves. Here’s how to find your way back — or avoid getting lost.
, October 21, 2022
You might not want to even pull out of your driveway without item No. 7, sis.
, October 21, 2022
Riding beside her date, she met a crossroads. Would she put fear in the rearview mirror and choose growth — or put the brakes on passion and adventure?
, October 14, 2022
We know a backhanded compliment when we hear one — it’s like praise, but with an asterisk. Learn how to respond (and avoid giving one by accident).
, September 16, 2022
When self-help books, women’s conferences, inspirational coffee mugs and other pick-me-ups didn’t lift my mood, here is the daily practice that did.
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