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Gerrie Summers combines her passion for writing, wellness and wanderlust, as a travel, lifestyle, health and beauty writer. Her articles have appeared in numerous print and online publications. When not exploring the world, in a spa, in a beach hammock, or in writing mode, you’ll find her getting her zen on, in a yoga, meditation or qigong class.
Gerrie Summers's Articles
, May 22, 2020
Can’t book a massage? Acupressure may help ease anxiety, pain and breathing — without needles. Try it at home for free.
, May 1, 2020
How do we get through this historically stressful year? One moment at a time, sis. Take a breath and claim peace often.
, April 24, 2020
It’s called self-compassion. And to stay resilient while easing anxiety, depression and stress, you need this practice in your life right now, say experts.
, March 13, 2020
Yes, we’re strong Black women. Here’s how to connect to the love and support we need to also be happy Black women.
, January 31, 2020
Rep. Ayanna Pressley’s public struggle mirrors fellow sufferers’ private pain. A therapist living with hair loss offers help.
, January 17, 2020
Do you need to find self-love or forgiveness? Want to sleep better or ease pain? Here are simple ways to begin your practice.
, November 1, 2019
These wine experiences bring a whole new meaning to pinot noir.
, September 20, 2019
Here’s where to flow in your city.
, August 9, 2019
Can a pack rat get to the root of her habit, toss her stuff and take charge of her life? A professional organizer with a counseling license offers answers.
, March 21, 2019
Try these ‘om’ remedies for hot flashes, insomnia, irritability and more.