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Javacia Harris Bowser

Javacia Harris Bowser is an award-winning freelance journalist and essayist based in Birmingham, Alabama, and she is the founder of See Jane Write, a community and website for women who write. Javacia has written for USA Today, Heart & Soul, Good Grit,, and a host of other media outlets. She’s the author of Find Your Way Back, a collection of essays that explore how she’s used writing to cope with cancer and everything else life has thrown her way. Find Javacia on Instagram and Twitter @seejavaciawrite.
Javacia's Articles
, May 13, 2022
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, May 13, 2022
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, January 21, 2022
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, December 10, 2021
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, November 24, 2021
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, November 12, 2021
Sisters have long fought for size acceptance. So why, since #bodypositivity became bankable, has it centered white women?
, October 1, 2021
There’s no need to divorce donuts or break up with bread, says a top dietician nutritionist who loves butter — and eats a little bacon now and then.
, September 10, 2021
Given the problematic origins of BMI, used to measure obesity, here’s what sisters need to recognize during that doctor’s office weigh-in.