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Javacia Harris Bowser

Javacia Harris Bowser is an award-winning freelance journalist and essayist based in Birmingham, Alabama, and she is the founder of See Jane Write, a community and website for women who write. Javacia has written for USA Today, Heart & Soul, Good Grit,, and a host of other media outlets. She’s the author of Find Your Way Back, a collection of essays that explore how she’s used writing to cope with cancer and everything else life has thrown her way. Find Javacia on Instagram and Twitter @seejavaciawrite.
Javacia's Articles
Got an item on your to-do list that feels too daunting to make even a little dent in? An executive coach offers a surprisingly joyful path to crossing it off.
, April 14, 2023
Your a.m. routine could be the key to more passion, productivity, pleasure and peace. These women prove it!
, March 24, 2023
Tired of losing pounds only to gain them back? It’s not willpower that may be missing from your weight-loss plan.
, January 6, 2023
Need to recharge? If you often feel burned-out, overwhelmed or low, consider this game-changing self-care secret.
, December 30, 2022
Learn why some sisters are letting go of angst about aging, extra weight or changing shape and reaching toward their dreams and desires.
, December 16, 2022
Yeah, it feels awkward after a while. But research suggests that your surprise call, text or invite could make their day! Learn low-key ways to catch up.
, November 18, 2022
Tomi Obaro’s multigenerational story explores a 30-year friendship between three Nigerian women. You can enter for a chance to win a free copy!​
, July 22, 2022
Are you missing that mojo, sis? Here’s why I dance in the mirror wearing a fancy bra, say yes to a sensual massage and make date night a ‘lights on’ affair.
, June 30, 2022
These Black music icons have captivated us with their sound and their style.
, June 24, 2022
While the world battled a pandemic, I successfully battled stage 2 cancer. Through journaling and sharing my story, I experienced the healing power of writing.
, June 3, 2022