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Jina DuVernay

Jina DuVernay is an Atlanta-based freelance writer. Her work focuses on Black literature and Black joy. Find Jina on social @jinaduvernay.
Jina DuVernay 's Articles
Got sweet tea? These reads from Southern authors will enchant you.
, May 19, 2023
6 candid and moving memoirs by fascinating Black women help us work through our own joys, disappointments and desires.
, March 24, 2023
Whether you are single or boo’ed up, our February lit picks will touch your heart, move your soul and inspire you to ignite the love you deserve.
, February 17, 2023
Skeletons, secret powers, buried traumas, generational curses. What these spellbinding new novels reveal about characters’ ancestors changes their future forever.
, January 27, 2023
In these page-turners, compelling characters grapple with personal truths as they drift toward and away from fateful connections.
, November 23, 2022
Girl, who made this potato salad? Check out our mouthwatering mix of recipe guides from talented Black food and beverage pros, healthy eating advocates and cultural stewards.
, November 18, 2022
The plot thickens! Put on your detective hat and get ready to decipher the clues in these page-turners by notable Black novelists.
, August 19, 2022