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Lena W. Claybon

Lena W. Claybon is a freelance writer who enjoys writing on the subject of spirituality and relationships. She also is a television and film writer/producer. Her latest project, “Spiritual But Not Religious Seeking Same,” is a short film about a young woman’s quest in seeking a spiritual soulmate and is in pre-production. As a Writer/Producer, she has worked with companies such as Twentieth Television, Saban Entertainment, BET, Paramount Television, Blue Rider Pictures, Big Ticket Television and Brainbox Entertainment to name a few.  Her mission is to continue fusing her love of writing about spirituality with her passion for creating film and television content.
Lena W.'s Articles
, January 7, 2022
From connecting with her husband to finding a new job, this writer credits one particular technique with helping her achieve many things.