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Odochi Ibe

Odochi Ibe is a writer, editor, and podcaster living and working in Brooklyn. She graduated from Howard University with a degree in journalism and is an expert in social justice, health and wellness, and documenting the human experience. You can find her playing with her cat and dog or deciphering the movements of the stars. You can find her work on VeryWellMind, Disability Acts, and Quartz. IG: @ThatsOd.e Twitter: @ThatsOd.e Podcast: @BlackAndSnerdyPodcast
Odochi's Articles
, April 8, 2022
Join our Facebook Live on April 13, when the trusted money columnist shares survival tips for keeping afloat during turbulent times.
, March 5, 2021
Their presence shows we can thrive as tech leaders, and they’re making space at the table for others.