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Princess Gabbara

Princess Gabbara is a NYC-based writer, editor and storyteller. Her bylines have appeared in Billboard, MTV News, Bustle, Bitch Media, Ebony, Essence, Greatist, and Shondaland. You can follow Princess on Twitter at @princessgabbara and learn more about her and her work at
Princess Gabbara's Articles
, August 12, 2022
How many of these are in your vanity drawer (and how many are you missing out on)? We’ve counted on most of these items to keep us fly since eighth grade.
, August 5, 2022
Oh, those little style speed bumps that can put the brakes on our grooming routines when we need to be prompt and polished. These tips will have you out the door in no time.
, July 29, 2022
When it comes to natural products that help us look and feel our best, this multitasker could be the hardest-working item in your pantry right now.​
, July 15, 2022
Look no further than your pantry for a powerful moisturizer, inflammation fighter, exfoliator, soothing soak, conditioner, dandruff treatment and more.
, July 8, 2022
No tucks, no nips — just genius tips to deemphasize sagging skin. Try these 5 cosmetic tricks for faking a facelift in minutes.
, June 17, 2022
Don’t miss out on discounted salon and spa services, complimentary samples, dupes that rival luxury cosmetic brands and much more.
, May 26, 2022
From growth serums to gentle cleansers and nourishing edge controls, they’ve got us covered.
, May 20, 2022
Pump up the volume—and the glamour—with a bun, bang, pony, topper or clip-in extensions that match your texture and color. Gray options, too!
, December 22, 2021
Arms getting tired? Whether your curl pattern is 3B, 4C or somewhere in between, these products and pro tips can help speed up and streamline care for your natural hair.
, December 22, 2021
These simple habits of people who live well, laugh and love life are easy to make your own.