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Tamara E. Holmes

Tamara E. Holmes is a Washington, DC-based writer whose work centers on the intersection between health, wealth and happiness.
Tamara E. Holmes's Articles
, January 20, 2023
Whether it’s metabolism, illness or another cause, being medically underweight can put your body at risk. Here’s how to manage it, one meal at a time.
, January 13, 2023
Give up your go-to fitness activity? No way! Besides, you may burn calories faster in the cold. Here are keep-stepping tips from AARP’s wellness guru plus a few of our friends from GirlTrek.
, December 2, 2022
A conference billed itself as being “unapologetically invested in the prosperity of Black people.” Here’s what I found out.
, October 11, 2022
Could you use an extra $12,000 per year? Not only do side gigs have the potential to bring in big bucks, many of them create social opportunities. Remote options, too!
, June 17, 2022
Black people can and do get diagnosed. Here’s what to do if it touches your family.
, May 20, 2022
Springtime means romance is in the air. Many entrepreneurs cash in by helping daters find passion.
, April 8, 2022
Our houses are being valued for much less than those of white homeowners. Here’s what we can do about racist real estate practices.
, April 1, 2022
Facing the return to office attire (plus swimsuit and wedding season), so do a lot of sisters. This advice will help you shed weight more quickly and keep it off for a lifetime.
, February 11, 2022
Got the gift of gab? Put it to work and pad your pockets with extra money.
, January 21, 2022
Sometimes, but it can be tricky. Here’s what to know. Plus: Good news for borrowers seeking a breather on payments and interest.