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Tamekia Reece

Tamekia Reece is a Houston-based freelance writer who covers all things health, relationship and parenting. In addition to Sisters, she has contributed to numerous print and digital publications, including Woman's Day, Parents,, and 

Tamekia Reece 's Articles
The bad news: Your relationship is rocky. The good news: When it comes to getting the love you deserve, you’ve got a lot more power than you may realize.
, November 3, 2023
Because saying yes when you don’t want to or shouldn’t could be wrecking your chances for the life you deserve.
, September 22, 2023
Keeping your true self on lock could hurt your love life or your career. Here are 5 signs you’re too closed-off plus how (and why) you should open up more.
, September 15, 2023
Keeping something hush-hush from your honey? You’re hardly alone. What some folks are hiding is sshhhhhhhh! — shocking.
, August 18, 2023
If you are everyone’s go-to, take pride in how competent you are. Then take back your power to thrive in terms of relationships, money and mental health.
, August 18, 2023
No partnership is perfect. If your bond with your significant other is strained, you could be at increased risk for heart, skin, sleep, weight or other problems.
, July 28, 2023
Feeling stuck, sapped and bogged down by clutter? One surprising question about a past love may help you create a happier future.
, July 7, 2023
A braggy friend bombards you with her wins, good news and achievements. Is her life really golden — or are you being success bombed?
, July 7, 2023
Toss a water balloon. Break out your hula hoop. Take a kite to the beach. Playtime is good for your body, spirit and mind.
, June 23, 2023
We’re back with a new list of conversation starters that may help you break the ice and build friendships.
, June 2, 2023