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Tamekia Reece

Tamekia Reece is a Houston-based freelance writer who covers all things health, relationship and parenting. In addition to Sisters, she has contributed to numerous print and digital publications, including Woman's Day, Parents,, and 

Tamekia Reece 's Articles
, June 30, 2022
Learn the simple pose that engages your abs, back, hips, butt, arms, thighs and even your pelvic floor — hello!
, June 17, 2022
If you’ve been hard on yourself for any of the all-too-human ‘mistakes’ on this list, it’s time to let judgment and regret go.
, June 10, 2022
Black women’s drinking has more than doubled during the pandemic. Here are enjoyable, alcohol-free ways to relax, ease tension, socialize and savor sensory delights.
, May 26, 2022
You know what triggers are, and you steer clear. But glimmers? Here’s why these sparks of delight are so powerful — and how you can access them.
, March 25, 2022
A third glass of wine. Hair clogging the drain. Saying no to sex — again. Here are the subtle and surprising signals that your self-care needs an upgrade.
, March 18, 2022
More than 1 in 4 of us has parted ways with a relative and that includes me. Mental health experts share coping tips for both sides of an estrangement.
, March 11, 2022
If fungus has your toenails looking discolored and rough, consider these remedies, which may help you step out in confidence during warmer weather.
, March 4, 2022
Squats are a compound movement that targets your glutes and thighs, torches calories and does wonders for your core. How-tos for beginners and beyond.
, February 25, 2022
I thought I was on my stuff when it comes to smoothies. I realized my breakfast go-to seriously needed a protein upgrade.
, December 3, 2021
If your lady bits are painfully dry, here’s help to make sure you’re screaming for all the right reasons. Plus: Amp up your pleasure with this game-changing hack.