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Anissa Gabbara

Anissa Gabbara is a Michigan-based freelance writer who enjoys the beauty, health, lifestyle, and pop culture space. In addition to Sisters, she has contributed to Sesi magazine, and Maple City Our Town. She is also an experienced PR and marketing professional. 

Anissa 's Articles
, December 3, 2021
The skin you’re in now deserves the right shade and formula.
, November 5, 2021
From luxe luggage to personal care products, functional wardrobe pieces to travel accessories, we’ve made getting there half the fun.
, October 29, 2021
’Tis the season for some good eating while spreading some cheer to the community.
, October 22, 2021
‘Pressed’ for time? Here’s where to hook up a holiday look — even last minute — with a pro who knows your hair. Plus: DIY tricks and tools for a salon-worthy blowout.
, October 1, 2021
Plus pro tips for making sure a style gives your strands a break—not breakage.
, September 10, 2021
Want to keep your twist outs and wash ’n’ gos looking vibrant and frizz-free throughout the week? These pro tips can help.
, August 20, 2021
Pro tips for hair washing and guidelines for when it’s time to shampoo.
, May 27, 2021
Many sisters are opting for knotless braids to protect their mane without the pain. Tips from a celebrity hairstylist.