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If your lady bits are painfully dry, here’s help to make sure you’re screaming for all the right reasons. Plus: Amp up your pleasure with this game-changing hack.
, October 3, 2022
We’re grateful to Serena, Lizzo, Laverne, Debbie, Michelle and others for reminding us that no matter our shape, size, age or coloring, we are beautiful.
, September 30, 2022
After you eat a snack or a big meal, it’s tempting to just sink into a chair and relax, especially at the end of a long day. The longer you sit, the more likely you are to reach for a second helping or dessert. But getting up and getting active instead, even for just a few minutes, could have a…
, September 30, 2022
Plus, my husband dropped 65 — and we did it all with no gym, personal trainer or fancy exercise equipment, no diet pills, and no costly diet programs.
, September 30, 2022
Whether we’re celebrating reaching a weight loss milestone or starting over after a setback, these tips can help us avoid the dreaded yo-yo effect.
, September 23, 2022
A firmer, more supple face? Better sex? Those brisk walks or cycling sessions could help promote these pleasing perks and more. Thank us later.
, September 16, 2022
And that’s not all. This science-backed tip may lower energy bills, stress levels and your risk for diabetes and Alzheimer’s.
, September 9, 2022
Black women are turning to this traditional practice to support weight loss and as a complementary treatment for anxiety, hot flashes, fibroids, diabetes and pain. 
She was 11, active and creative before losing routines and connections during the pandemic. Then came the weight gain. Now she’s a teen taking back control.
, September 1, 2022
A campus yoga and journalism instructor shares coping strategies and counseling resources after yoga students’ practice diaries reveal depression, adversity, abuse and trauma.
A brainy, beautiful and beloved daughter’s words echoed in her mother’s heart after the daughter died by suicide.
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