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Imani Powell-Razat

Imani Powell-Razat is a writer and communications consultant. Her work has been published by Random House, Harper Collins and Ballantine Books and has been featured in outlets such as The Seattle Times, Parent Map, Wallpaper*, O, The Oprah Magazine, Gizmodo, NYLON, "Moms in the City and a Dad Named David" (NBC) and The NY Times T Magazine. She has a B.A. from Sarah Lawrence College and a M.A. in Communications from Johns Hopkins University.
Imani Powell-Razat's Articles
I’m happier now that I no longer wake up craving donuts. And I’ll never think about my favorite food truck order the same way again.
, June 20, 2024
Did you try to hide the last time you cried? For many, it’s cultural. Learn how tear glands play a role in balancing mind and body—and to embrace tears without fear.
, April 25, 2024
Sometimes true love becomes tired. Try this fun and simple way to add sizzle to shared moments and ditch those dusty, dry date night routines.
, October 27, 2023
Discussing erectile dysfunction (ED) doesn’t have to be weird; instead it can increase satisfaction and strengthen your bond.
, September 8, 2023
Whether you prefer a wig, wavy layers or a wash ’n’ go, these techpreneurs’ sister-friendly products combine digital insights with salon-quality style solutions.
, September 8, 2023
Theresa fell hard for a suave suitor after years of widowhood. Were things moving too fast?
, March 15, 2019
I tried to reserve emotional room for my dear, childless friend as I cocooned into a life of cribs, bibs and sleepless nights. But so little of my new identity affirmed hers, and the reverse was also true.
, October 12, 2018