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Imani Powell-Razat, is a Seattle based writer and homeschooling mom. Her credits include: The Seattle Times, ParentMap. Her projects have been featured in Wallpaper*, O , The Oprah Magazine, gizmodo, NYLON, NBC Moms and The City, Random House, The NY Times T Magazine, Huffington Post. She is pursuing a Masters in Communications from Johns Hopkins University.
Imani Powell-Razat's Articles
, March 15, 2019
Theresa fell hard for a suave suitor after years of widowhood. Were things moving too fast?
, October 12, 2018
I tried to reserve emotional room for my dear, childless friend as I cocooned into a life of cribs, bibs and sleepless nights. But so little of my new identity affirmed hers, and the reverse was also true.