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Pamela K. Johnson

Pamela K. Johnson (@pamelasez) is a writer and filmmaker living in Southern California.
Pamela K. Johnson's Articles
, August 14, 2020
From Tiffany Haddish’s big chop to Billie Holiday’s hair prop to that documentary from Chris Rock, the culture around our strands is multitextured. Let’s see if your head’s in the game.
, July 15, 2020
Here’s a story to give you hope: A fire burned down Zahalea Anderson’s business, but internet allies stepped up with a viral call to action and six figures’ worth of donations.
, July 2, 2020
An apartment for $187. Affordable food, entertainment, housecleaning and more. Meet Black women living the good life in Lake Chapala.
, June 12, 2020
If we’re doing something with our lives that’s not in concert with our spirits, there couldn’t be a better time to gain clarity and pivot.
, February 21, 2020
A new study linking hair color with breast cancer in Black women has me rethinking my roots. Going gray may have a silver lining.