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Tiarra is an award-winning storyteller, content strategist and producer specializing in entertainment, wellness and beauty. She has insightfully explored issues related to women of color in her work as a writer and editor for Vibe, BET, VH1, Entertainment Weekly, Interview, Cosmopolitan, Honey, Health Magazine, Prevention, and Everyday Health.
Tiarra's Articles
, August 7, 2020
Months of coronavirus cleansing routines can leave skin dry and chapped. Give your hands — and the community — some love with these skin-saving products.
, July 17, 2020
The mood-lifting, fat-burning, pain-relieving, brain-boosting, disease-fighting fitness sessions you need now — no equipment or gym required.
, May 1, 2020
These simple moves tone several muscle groups quickly so you can slay in that sundress and haul groceries with ease. No dumbbells? Grab two cans of beans!
, April 6, 2020
Check out these healing retreats for Black women in the States and abroad
, November 15, 2019
This fast, full-body workout sculpts curves, burns calories and whittles your middle.
, September 6, 2019
For a gorgeous, thick, shiny and soft crown, chow down!
, August 23, 2019
Here’s exactly what to eat — and to avoid — for a taut tummy.
, July 26, 2019
Want to lose weight and get fit? Check out these free (or cheap) smartphone apps.
, June 7, 2019
We asked a top trainer how to get the tight tummy and rounded rear that curve models are famous for.