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Zulaika Jumaralli-Wiggan

Zulaika Jumaralli-Wiggan is a writer, corporate communications professional and adjunct professor. She is passionate about health, wellness and all manner of topics that promote the well-being of women. She is a firm believer in the sacred power in the sister circle. She lives in Westchester, NY where she enjoys cooking, gardening, biking, and binge-streaming with her husband and daughter.
Zulaika Jumaralli-Wiggan's Articles
, April 6, 2020
Manage your food bill and the number on your scale with these easy tips. (Hint: No. 5 could save you $700 a year!)
, April 6, 2020
Beyoncé has your recipe for weight loss. Patti LaBelle is adding soul food to her line of pies. Oprah’s selling pizza and pasta. Hungry yet?