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Hot Celebrity Dish

Beyoncé has your recipe for weight loss. Patti LaBelle is adding soul food to her line of pies. Oprah’s selling pizza and pasta. Hungry yet?

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Photo collage of Oprah and her frozen pizza line
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Oprah wants you to eat your vegetables.
Her line of frozen entrées and sides — O, That’s Good — features comfort foods with blended-in veggies. There’s a range of quick fixings: pizzas on cauliflower crusts, soups and sides with healthy fillers like butternut squash, and skillet meals in six varieties.
Is it really healthy?
Some items contain up to 75 percent less fat and 40 percent less sodium, compared with competitors’ dishes. With Lady O’s assurance that her pizza crusts are part cauliflower and with white beans masquerading as creamy alfredo, you may be inclined to load up. Respect the serving sizes for calorie control.
What have tasters said?
- The garlic mashed potatoes have a texture a bit similar to instant mashed potatoes (thin)...”
- “The broccoli cheddar soup doesn’t taste as though you’re forcing yourself to eat healthily, and as a bonus, it’s hiding satisfying chunks of broccoli and carrots.”
- “If you didn't know there was a ‘twist of cauliflower,’ you wouldn't pick up on it.”

Patti LaBelle wants to be your soul provider.
Following the success of her famous banana pudding and sweet potato pie, Miss Patti is back with an upcoming line of frozen soul food, including savory classics like brisket, mac ’n’ cheese, and chicken and biscuits.
Is it really healthy? This spread may have you feeling like somebody loves you, but even Patti warns that her dishes should be enjoyed in moderation. Save these comfort food treats for cheat days or special occasions.
What have tasters said?
While the food isn’t yet available in stores, Patti has shared specialties like her “Over the Rainbow” mac ’n’ cheese on the Cooking Channel to rave reviews:
- “I always have to make double batches when I fix this.”

Beyoncé needs 22 days to change your life.
In Homecoming, we saw a hungry Queen Bey push herself to lose her baby weight and reach her body goals, thanks to a strict no bread, carbs, sugar, dairy, meat, fish or alcohol diet. She’s launched the all-veggie 22 Day Nutrition Meal Planner with her longtime trainer, Marco Borges, so the Beyhive can follow the regimen secret to her success. First-timers pay an introductory price of $99 per year to subscribe for $14 a month in order to receive customized plans, recipes, shopping lists, even food coaches for emotional support.
Is it really healthy?
Subscribers can choose from thousands of creative, plant-based recipes, a step up from vegan. Although both avoid animal byproducts, this program doesn’t include any processed foods like fake meats, chips or cookies. The small, animal protein-free portions mean fewer calories per meal.
What have tasters said?
Those who have actually tried the meals noted how the power-packed ingredients gave them energy and kept them full.
- “Giving up meat and dairy for 22 days has given me way more control over all other cravings.”
- “I was worried I was going to be hungry the entire time. ... I was so wrong.”

Kelis wants to kick up your flavor.
As unique as she is, Kelis’ line of Bounty & Full sauces add delicious flair to everything from meats to dessert. This bona fide saucier has created combinations like Wild Cherry BBQ, Pineapple Saffron and Ginger Sesame that uphold her philosophy: “Everything is better smothered, dipped and poured.”
Is it really healthy?
Kelis personally sources all-natural ingredients to create her high-quality condiments. The blends are vegan-friendly and non-GMO.
What have tasters said?
- “So delicious. These sauces can turn anyone into a chef.”
- “...Anything can be edible with this!!!!
- “...Unique, tasty, and full of flavor!”

Laila Ali wants you to be a seasoned food expert.
The history-making boxer and model created a trio of spice blends— Sassy Seasoning, Spicy Pepper and Soulful Seasoning Salt — to help punch up flavors in your everyday cooking. These organic herb concoctions are intended as a healthier alternative to your usual seasoning staples.
Is it really healthy? Compared to popular seasoned salts in the market, Laila’s blends are a healthier option. Her line is organic and non-GMO, and contains no added sugar, chemicals or pesticides. There’s even a salt-free option for cooks monitoring their blood pressure.
What have tasters said?
- “I have been using this seasoning on everything I cook. It truly is all-purpose! Glad I finally found an organic brand that has the flavors right.”
- “These spices are truly everything! You will use less salt and possibly none after seasoning your food with this!”