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All the Reasons To Take the Train to Your Holiday Destination

Have a scenic adventure that doesn’t include hours behind the wheel!

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It’s time to start looking forward to gathering with family over the holidays, catching up with loved ones, and seeing how much the grandkids have grown. What you may not be looking forward to are traffic snarls and messy winter weather that come with driving in November and December. This year, why not take the train?  

Here are four reasons to stay off the roads and take to the rails instead. 

You’ll enjoy the scenery in comfort  
Whether you’re headed to a family home or holiday vacation destination, traveling by train is a quintessential American experience. Settle into a comfortable seat with just your travel companion sitting next to you. Book a private room for even more comfort on longer trips. Then, take in the passing landscapes, including wide-open spaces, famous landmarks, or snow-covered peaks. 

You don’t need to get behind the wheel 
Driving in the winter can be very difficult because early darkness decreases the number of hours you may be able to drive. Icy conditions and the possibility of storms can make it extra stressful to hit the road. There’s also a lot of extra wear and tear on your vehicle thanks to de-icing materials on roads and highways. With a train trip, you can eliminate those concerns altogether – and just sit back and relax. And with routes to more than 500 destinations across the country, chances are the train will get you where you need to go, no matter how far you are traveling.  

It’s an easy way to travel – and safe 
Amtrak is a safe travel choice if you’re traveling solo, as a couple, or a family. With an easy boarding process (no need to take off your shoes or scramble for overhead bin space), getting on the train can be as relaxing as the trip itself. You can also use the free Red Cap service for help getting your luggage in place and settling into your seat a bit early. On board, there are strict safety and cleaning protocols, including a fresh air exchange every four-to-five minutes.  

There are many ways to save 
Taking the train can also be a more affordable way to travel, especially given rising gas prices and airfares. Amtrak travelers 65 and older receive 10% discounts on most fares year-round and up to 20% for trips booked at least two weeks in advance.  

Domestic travel is well within reach this winter. Whether you’re visiting far-away family over the holidays or just looking to get away, taking a train makes the trip an affordable and safe option. All the adventure, without all the hassle.  

Book in advance and save!