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Badass Chicks of the Big Screen

Are you ready to rumble? Take this quiz to test your knowledge of our favorite cinema sheroes. They inspire us to summon resilience and renegade baditude in ourselves.

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The Sisters Staff
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Sisters, we know we’re superwomen (when we need to be), and we don’t need a cape or an “S” on our chest to prove it! But oftentimes society at large doesn’t recognize our strength, courage and wisdom. That’s why we love to witness badass sisters kicking butt and taking names on the silver screen.

Yes, we need another shero. From Pam Grier in Foxy Brown to Queen Latifah in Set It Off and Danai Gurira in Black Panther, we live vicariously through their unbridled baditude and effortlessly fly fearlessness, and they inspire us to summon those same resilient and renegade qualities in ourselves.

Are you ready to rumble? Take this quiz to test your knowledge of our favorite warrior women.

In Black Panther, Danai Gurira commanded our attention as Okoye, the bald and beautiful leader of an elite group of female bodyguards known as the Dora Milaje. Wakanda forever! What was her weapon of choice?
Don’t mess with mama. In the thriller Breaking In, Gabrielle Union is a MacGyver-like mom desperately trying to save her children from:
In the Netflix action flick, The Old Guard, actress KiKi Layne portrays a brave soldier who discovers she is immortal. In what film did we first see the stunning newcomer?
Tina Turner turned heads as the platinum-coiffed, chain metal wearing and crossbow carrying Aunty Entity, the post-apocalyptic leader in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. What did she say to Mad Max before giving a wicked laugh and literally leaving him in the dust?
Talk about a man-eater. In the campy 1986 horror comedy Vamp, what kind of seductive but deadly creature does Grace Jones portray?
In Set It Off, Queen Latifah is a hot tempered, blunt-smokin’, cornrows-rockin’ bank robber named Cleo. Which actress was not one of her partners in crime?
Vivica A. Fox is a kung-fu assassin named Vernita Green in Kill Bill, Vol. 1. Where does her mortal combat knife fight with Uma Thurman take place?
Jada Pinkett Smith stars in a video game inspired by her martial arts master Matrix character Niobe, who appears in two films in the blockbuster sci-fi trilogy. What funky natural hairstyle does her character wear?
Before Halle Berry purred and pounced as Catwoman on the big screen, which sexy sister slipped into the skintight, feline costume on the small screen?
Sporting a full fro, Zazie Beetz plays Domino, a kickass mutant sidekick to Ryan Reynolds in the comic book-based action flick, Deadpool 2. What is her character’s superpower?
Angela Bassett flexes her muscles and whips her braids back and forth as “Mace” Mason, a limo driver and bodyguard in what cult classic, sci-fi thriller?
The godmother of badass chicks, Pam Grier played the tough title character in Foxy Brown. What does Foxy tell the militant group of brothers she recruits to help her get revenge?