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The Truth According to Tiffany Haddish

The ‘Night School’ star schools us on love, work and believing in yourself

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We can always count on our onscreen sister-friend to keep it real, spill the tea and deliver life lessons with humor and honesty. Haddish stole the show last summer as the irrepressible Dina in Girls’ Trip. “She ready” to steal it again Sept. 28 when she plays Kevin Hart’s tell-it-like-it-is GED-prep teacher in Night School. But we love Tiffany as much for her offscreen smarts as her on-screen sass. To whet your appetite for a gut-busting trip to the movies this weekend, we’ve compiled this gut-real advice given by “the last black unicorn.”


On being yourself

“Stop holding your truth; speak your truth. It’s the healthiest way to be. Be who you are. Speak who you are. If don’t nobody like you … there’s 10 other people that do. There’s somebody like you, and they need to hear you.”


On work

“Don’t let nobody in your house that ain’t got nothing to do…. Show up on time, treat everybody the way you want to be treated, and make sure you get your money before you leave.”


On heartbreak

“Put on your best dress, make yourself look as beautiful as possible, and let’s go dancing. Dancing helps a lot with a broken heart, for me anyways. And then after that, go to a spa. And then if you still need to cry about it or whatever, go ahead and cry … but in the shower by your damn self, and do not complain. Focus on the positive, not the damn negatives.”



On the power of positive thinking

“My opportunities are whatever I create. My thoughts from two years ago is what’s happening right now. I really think my thoughts are my magic wand…. Believing in myself is what got me to where I’m at. And when you do that, it comes right back.”


On relationships

“Make sure y’all have fun together…. From my observation, the relationships that last the longest are the relationships where you have fun. You are going to have your ups and your downs, but find time to have fun.”


On why you need a bidet in your bathroom

“It is the best damn thing in the world. I spend very little money on toilet paper now and I feel so fresh and so clean. I hold it 'till I get home — you understand me? You don't even need no man when you got a bidet!”