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Charlot Kristensen
Charlot Kristensen
Me Time

Just a Friendly Reminder of How Amazing You Are, Sis

In those moments when you need to hear “I got you,” or “you’ve got this,” or simply “have faith—you’re supported by spirit,” your BFFs are there. But for times when you can’t connect with them right away, we’ve created the perfect lift-you-up-when-you’re-feeling-down music playlist to revive your inner badass.

Hey ladies, it’s Sarah from the #SistersSquad.

Some days I leap out of bed at 5:30 a.m., feeling like I can take on the world. Last Tuesday was not one of those days.

I set my coffee maker and texted an SOS to Pam, my ride-or-die bestie for the last two decades. In less than a minute she responded. I whined about my jet lag, missed workouts, marital spat and the bottleneck of deadlines. She texted back suggesting remedies (melatonin, a steak dinner and prioritization).

“Sarah, 95 percent of the time your life is great,” she typed. “If you have a couple of bad days, so what? Big picture, you’re doing better than most, and by this time next week you won’t even remember today.”

Funny how the right words from a BFF can instantly get us out of a funk. Girlfriends who know us well reflect — and reconnect us to — the best parts of who we are.

If you’re lucky, you have several sisters in your life who prop you up until you once again feel like the queen you are. But occasionally a little self-help is in order.

So we’re sharing a pep-you-up playlist curated by Sisters’ own music maven Tracy Hopkins. Our latest mix features 30-plus songs guaranteed to revive your inner badass: a hard-working, mountain-moving, keep on grooving diva with a future as bright as Fenty Beauty Stunna lip paint.

If you haven’t yet downloaded a free music-streaming app to your phone, take a minute to do so. These tunes will help you “Shake It Off” like Mariah, feel as “Free” as Ultra Nate and be absolutely certain of your ability to “Run The World,” just like Beyoncé. So slip in your earbuds and prepare to start feeling, as our sister-friend Mary J. says, “Just Fine.”





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sisters, playlist, aarp, music
Charlot Kristensen