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Everybody Move Your Body

Size and shape shouldn’t factor into how we move and take up space. Let’s turn up the volume, pump up the energy and torch calories with joy, gratitude and attitude.

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Mora Vieytes
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“Summer’s here and the time is right for dancing in the street,” Martha Reeves sings in the Motown classic “Dancing in the Street.”

It’s also time to show off that body-ody-ody in whatever hot-girl summer package it’s wrapped in. Even if you enhanced your curves during the pandemic, you’re still fly and ready for your IG closeup, sis. Beyond the aesthetics, though, our bodies are a blessing, aren’t they, putting our hearts, lungs, muscles and joints in motion.

Sisters From AARP is all about body positivity, and we’re here to celebrate and inspire you with a groovy playlist that will make you wanna move your body. So let’s get physical, whether that means taking a power walk around your neighborhood, going for a nature-girl hike, taking a calorie-crushing dance class or going for a cardio-revving run or bike ride in the park. Our playlist is packed with 25 pop, dance, R&B, reggaeton and hip-hop jams from Janet Jackson (“Rhythm Nation”), CeCe Peniston (“Keep On Walkin’”), Destiny’s Child (“Bootylicious”), Nina Sky (“Move Ya Body”), Commodores (“Brick House”), Salt-N-Pepa (“Shake Your Thang”), Will Smith (“Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It”), Marcia Griffiths (“Electric Boogie”) and more.

These Beats Help You Burn Calories

To keep you focused on your fitness or weight-loss goals while you’re moving and grooving, use a fitness-tracker device or a smartphone app, keep a journal or pick up a simple pedometer to track your daily number of steps. Although the number of calories you burn depends on factors like your age and weight, here’s an estimated breakdown of how many calories you can burn while doing 30 minutes of ten fitness and non-fitness activities (based on a person weighing from 155 pounds). Keep on moving!

Bicycling (16-19 mph): 432 calories

Rollerblading/skating (casual): 386 calories

Running (6 mph; 10 min/mile): 360 calories

Elliptical trainer: 324 calories

Jumping rope (slow): 281 calories

Stationary bike (moderate): 252 calories

Dancing (fast): 216 calories

Low-impact aerobics: 198 calories

Gardening: 162 calories

Water aerobics: 144 calories

Playlist link: