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illustration of two black ladies singing in the car spotify playlist
Charlot Kristensen
Charlot Kristensen

Sisters on the Move Playlist

Get ready to ride! These tunes, from “Little Red Corvette” to “I’ll Take You There,” will have you cruisin’ with a new groove.

Taking the weekday morning train or heading out of town for a weekend getaway? Hit the road with this lively and mellow mix of 30 commuter-friendly and car-ready tunes, including songs from Aretha Franklin (“Freeway of Love”), Lizzo (“Water Me”), Prince (“Little Red Corvette”), Erykah Badu (“Window Seat”), D’Angelo (“Cruisin’”), Solange (“Where Do We Go”), Camila Cabello (“Havana”) and the Staple Singers (“I’ll Take You There”).

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