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Size-Inclusive Activewear is Here

Stylish and chic buys to keep you cute while working up a sweat

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An animated graphic in women in various pieces of workout clothing.
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At long last, brands and retailers are taking steps in the right direction and recognizing that fitness comes in all shapes and sizes. Studies show that for years, many plus-sized women wore men’s athletic wear in order to work out because women’s brands ignored them. Few brands went beyond size 12, despite 68 percent of American women wearing a size 14 and up, according to Racked.

The good news is more athletic-wear retailers are beginning to make changes and becoming body positive. As a result, they are providing plus-size clothing that is stylish and comfortable. Not sure where to begin? Get started with a few ideas below:

Matching Sets and Skirts

Spicing up your workout clothes will definitely increase your motivation on your journey to a more fit you. Fabletics’ Yucatan Two-Piece outfit comes with a stylish top in colors that include black cherry, shadow and petal. They come with comfy leggings that will stay true to your body type. If you become a VIP member with Fabletics you can get this set for $29.97. Sizes are available up to 3X.

Embrace the athleisure trend with a skirt. Pro-athlete Nicole DeBoom's  Skirt Sports offers awesome running skirts that come in sizes XS to XXL and are designed for high-waist, mid-rise and low-waist cuts that will be a perfect fit for those who want something different. Some of the skirts even come with built-in leggings and can be worn with capris. The skirts are available in different lengths and can be worn without leggings, starting from $56.


The winter months are merciless when it comes to unfriendly cold weather. Be ready to square up against those cold days with warm hoodies to keep your motivation going. Taking that jog or brisk walk around the neighborhood can do your body some good! This hoodie set from D’Iyanu is part of their athleisure-wear collection that comes in Nigerian-inspired prints and designs. The fabric is cozy against the skin and will gear you up for your favorite type of workout.

Have a favorite pair of black or grey leggings? You can pair them with a warm top from Elements Hoodie at Nordstrom. Available up to size 3X, the lightweight hoodie will help you maintain warmth during workouts on chilly days. They are currently available for $98 and come in black and winter-themed pristine.

Sports Bras

Sports bras can be tricky, especially for plus-size women with different body types. This plus-size bra from Champion provides full coverage and protection during exercises that require some bounce. With its nylon and spandex material, it helps to maintain a moisture-free workout. Sizes are currently available in XL to 4XL.

Activities such as jumping rope, running and jumping jacks can all have a direct impact on the girls if you’re not wearing the right sports bra. Keep them firmly in place with this High-Support Mesh-Trim Plus-Size Sports Bra from Old Navy. Their sizes range from 1X to 4X and feature comfortable shoulder straps, foam padding and are perfect for high-impact workouts. This sports bra should be the perfect fit for dancing, running or any of your favorite high-energy activities. Currently available for $36.99, it also helps to absorb moisture.

The no-nonsense Ultimate Sports Bra by SheFit ($65) is another go-to option if you’re blessed more in your bosom area than others. This bra will hold everything in place, with adjustable straps and the right amount of padding to ensure the most comfort during your workout.

Yoga Mats

Stretching is often overlooked as an important part of a workout. After putting your body through a rigorous workout, it deserves time to refocus and release all the tension that was built up in your muscles. Using Lisa Brown’s Yoga Mats ($29), made from natural rubber, will help you get there. These mats borrow from beautiful, traditional wax-cloth designs. Definitely worth checking out!

You also have the option of designing your own yoga mat to enjoy your cool-down experience. These beautiful custom-designed mats from Eka YogiLife start at $99, satisfying your inner creativity.


If you’re in the fighting mood and want to release stress built up throughout the year, the sneakers by Nike Free TR Flyknit 3 should do the trick for your next high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout. They are comfortable and come in vibrant colors to suit your personality. Puma’s DEFY Trailblazer sneakers are also sure to make a bold statement while you work toward your fitness goals.

Your body deserves the best treatment it can get with fun-filled workouts that will lead to great results. Whether you’re running that next marathon or want to dip into weight training for the sake of toning those sexy thighs, these items will keep you looking good while making it happen.


Photographs by Fabletics; Skirt Sports; Old Navy