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HBO's "Insecure" isn't just for millennials. Here's everything you need to know before Season 3.

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Sisters Illustration (Courtesy HBO)
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To:                  My crew

From:             Kay-B

Date:              August 7, 2018

Subject:         I’m having an Insecure viewing party!


Hey, ladies! Insecure’s third season starts August 12 at 9 p.m., and I know you (OK, some of you!) are just as hyped as I am for the return of Issa Rae’s HBO comedy. I can’t wait to catch up with my girl and hers as they navigate their careers, love lives and friendships, and word is that this season will also be heavily focused on the ( fine) brothers. Be here on Sunday!

Now I know some of y’all think the show is for folks in their 20s (admit it, Karen), but Insecure spotlights life experiences women of any age can relate to. As my 30-something friend Shannon says: “All of these characters could be fairly labeled as successful, yet they are still absolute messes. It’s compelling to watch characters continue to figure out their lives beyond the apartment and career.” Trust me, you’re gonna love it. Just let me give you a quick recap (’cause ain’t nobody got time for questions during the show).

Issa’s going on a journey

As friends, we’ve shared our struggles and triumphs at work and in our relationships. And over the past two seasons, Issa has done the same, progressing from neglecting her desires to finally going after what she wants. In Season 1, she supported her unemployed live-in boyfriend Lawrence (Jay Ellis) while he figured out his career but ended up cheating on him with her ex, Daniel (Y’lan Noel). Lawrence found out and broke up with Issa. He moved out, got a job, and slid into a “situationship” with Tasha (Dominique Perry), his bank teller. When that ended as quickly as it began, he moved on to a relationship with his coworker, which blew up at his and Issa’s mutual friend Derek’s birthday dinner. All season long Issa thought she wanted a new start with Lawrence, but ultimately they decided to part ways.

So will they get closure? Can they still be friends? In Season 3, I would like to see Issa diving deeper into single life and her sexuality and taking more interest in her work. But we all really want to know what will happen with her and Daniel. Now that they’re roommates, can they be friends or will it be friends with “benefits”? We’ll find out! (Try to be on time, for once, Cheryl.)


S3 Trailer


Molly’s booked and busy

Attorney Molly (Yvonne Orji) is Issa’s bestie. At first she seemed to have everything  – well, except pay equal to her male counterparts (Terri, I know you can relate!) – and was desperate to check the “married” box.

But in the first two seasons, she started therapy and ended up in a physical relationship with Dro (Sarunas J. Jackson), a childhood friend who claimed to have an open marriage. Even though she was being pursued by single men (including her “nice guy” coworker), Molly just kept going back to him. But is Dro really in an open marriage? Does his wife know he’s sleeping with Molly? I have a feeling that after their bathroom quickie at Derek’s party, she does! Will Molly give her coworker a shot? And will she ever be able to release Dro to make space for the traditional love story she thinks she wants? Stay tuned!

The gang’s (sorta) alright

Kelli (Natasha Rothwell) and Tiffany (Amanda Seales) are Issa’s two other girlfriends. Kelli’s funny as hell and completely unapologetic about her personal and professional transgressions. I’m hoping this season we’ll get a closer look at her life.

Tiffany fronts as being the perfect wife, but last season we started to see the cracks in her marriage to Derek (Wade Allain-Marcus). Derek hinted at his wife’s affair, and Tiffany revealed her pregnancy. So is Derek really the father? He claimed they worked through their relationship issues, but what if he finds out the baby isn’t his? This is some grown-folks drama!

I hope we see Issa and her friends grow from their mistakes. And according to Issa Rae, that just might happen. She recently told Deadline, “I think that as life goes, you kind of learn from mistakes, and I think that’s what we’re really looking to show this season.”

The new trailer has me all amped, y’all, so hit “yes” to that RSVP. I’ll be making Long Island Insecure-teas. It’s gonna be hella fun!