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Sis, You Are Awesome

Over the past year, it’s been our pleasure getting to know you better.

Sisters just hit a milestone with this issue. We’ve been in publication for one year! Since we first hit your in-box on August 7, 2018, readers like you have connected with us at events, via email and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to let us know how to shape this space for grown Black women.

“Real Talk for Real Sisters” happens because of what you share about your hopes, frustrations, friendships, marriages, careers, family, health concerns, bucket lists, money issues, sex lives, passions, faith, fears and more. We pay attention to what you click on when you visit the site, too. You know what you want out of life — and what you want from this newsletter to help bring you more of that every day.

Nothing makes our day like this recent shoutout from Joyce in Detroit. “Amazing Black Sisters, bring Love, Joy, Peace and Plenty of Hope! Amen! Thank you for this much needed addition to our lives. Feeling mighty, mighty blessed.” I wrote back to her, “We are mighty, mighty blessed to have you as a reader as we approach one year of publication. Thanks for your love and support. Onward together.”

That goes for you too, sis.

We appreciate every thank-you note, story idea, encouraging word, social share, compliment — and even the occasional criticism that comes our way.

Some of you have questions:

“I was wondering if your contributors are African American. I’d like to know if you genuinely want to help Black women or if this is a marketing strategy.”
Thanks for asking, Lori. Dozens of talented African American writers, editors, photographers, illustrators, researchers and other professionals are pleased to be doing the work as part of the diverse Sisters team. All organizations serving the public do marketing. Those that serve effectively do outreach. To best support older adults’ health security, financial resilience and personal fulfillment, AARP needs to “get you.” With 38 million members, we tailor additional offerings for rural Americans, veterans and active-duty military, Spanish speakers, caregivers, LGBTQ adults, adults living with diabetes and on and on.

“Why isn’t every story about someone my age?”
This question tends to come up when we run something about parenting younger children. Sisters serves both Generation X and boomer Black women, and we love connecting with you! But that means we’ve got readers in their 40s, 50s, 60s and so on. Regardless of your age and stage, we know you want to live your best life. As a lovely reader named Ina told us, “The Silver Society is alive and kicking. We enjoy travel, dining, meeting new people, book clubs and just plain ole having some fun because we are not dead yet!”

“I’d like to write for Sisters. Where can I send story ideas?”
Thank you Sonia, Carla, Rachelle, Elaine, Geneva, CeeJaye, Michaela and all the rest. You can send a link to your professional website, podcast, blog or portfolio of published work, along with your pitch for a reported story or personal essay to We review every email and consider your ideas for potential publication.

“How can I possibly listen/save/download this playlist?? I love it, I have a new car with no CD player only USB plugs. Dealer advised I should get my grands to help. Can you help me!!!”
Bev, I’m not that tech-savvy myself and I feel your pain, girl. I rented a new ride last month while they repaired the A/C in my older model. Getting audio apps to work can be tricky the first time. After that, it’s a breeze. Sisters’ playlists are housed on Spotify. You can find their auto-related instructions here. If you’re missing out because you don’t have the free app, visit Take a minute or two to load the app onto whatever device you read Sisters on. After that, you’re good to go any time you press “play” on any of our lists. We’ve got all your jams. Don’t take my word for it. Ask Betty, who recently sampled our Black Music Month offering, “Music with a Message.” She told us, “Gotta have it for my car. Loving the MIX!!!”

Well, I hope you’ve learned something new about the newsletter and the sister squad that puts it together. Here are a few things Dian, Yodith, Janelle, Sarah, Tracy, Sharon, Tamara, Maya, Edna, Shelley, Shani, Leslie, Caitlin, Paola, Myrna and I learned about you:

  • You’re proud of your unique and ageless beauty.
  • You love saving money.
  • You take good care of your body.
  • You’re worried about retirement.
  • You care about nutrition, fitness and a healthy weight.
  • You know, however, that you can slay at any size.
  • You want to earn what you’re worth and take back control at work.
  • You like the idea of working for yourself.
  • You’re concerned about ageism in the workplace and racism everywhere.
  • You love to read and to watch classic movies.
  • You love to travel with your girls.
  • You love to kick up your heels, cut a rug, shake your groove thang or drop it like it’s hot.
  • You unabashedly enjoy sexual pleasure, whether partnered or solo.
  • You know you deserve good love.
  • You’re open to relationships with partners of different ages, races, etc. (If you’re single, that is.)
  • You love a stylish flat shoe.
  • You love having a space where “grown folks are talking.”

And you’re here for your girls. You love the men in your lives, but this is a space to focus on our happiness. I couldn’t agree more. Like I said, you ladies are awesome. See you next Tuesday.



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