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6 Side Hustles That Cater to Singles Wanting to Mingle

Springtime means romance is in the air. Many entrepreneurs cash in by helping daters find passion.

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Never one to enjoy the club scene, Genese Cage of New York started blogging about other types of events where she could meet men. She built up a following of single Black women who also wanted to find new places to connect with potential partners. One day she had the idea to host a party where Black singles could meet. “I thought it was going to be a small event, and when I got there, the line was wrapped around the block,” she says. That prompted her to host other gatherings. With tickets going for as much as $30 to $40 apiece, she could easily bring in thousands of dollars per event. “There’s a lot of money that can be made,” she says.

As Cage found out, dating is big business. She’s not the only one.  The Bravo television series Love Match Atlanta, which premiered May 8, follows the exploits of five matchmakers looking to make money while bringing couples together to experience Black love. One of the matchmakers – Joseph – even met his current girlfriend Paris on a dating app he created, proving there’s more for singles to gain than money when they cater to other singles.   
The online dating market alone is expected to generate more than $9 billion by 2025, according to Allied Market Research. Not only that, but there are 126.9 million Americans who are not married, according to the U.S. Census Bureau.

Count me as one of them. After two years of lockdowns and social distancing, some of my single, divorced and widowed friends and I are more excited than in previous years about the prospect of meeting new people. Yet we’d be the first to admit that putting yourself back out there can be daunting. That means there’s a whole audience of us who could use some help. And springtime, when folks are out, active, showing more skin and loving the long days, is a season when many relationships blossom. If you’re interested in winning our business, these side hustles may be right on time.

Dating profile photographer

Ideal if you have a background in: Photography or creative arts

Having a picture that stands out from the crowd is a necessity for singles who are planning to use online dating sites to make a connection. In fact, a 2020 Pew Research study found that 71 percent of online daters say photos were very important to the dating selection process. If you’re talented with a camera, you can help singles make a good impression by taking both profile pictures and action shots. Photographers can command nearly $60 an hour, according to PayScale (though the average is closer to $20 an hour). Offer your services on sites for local business owners such as Thumbtack.

Dating profile copywriter or reviewer

Ideal if you have a background in: Writing or editing

One in five users of online dating sites have asked someone to either write or review their profile, according to eHarmony. Shirley Jean-Baptiste , 40, a copywriter and résumé writer in Brooklyn, New York, was initially surprised when someone reached out to her to request the service. “I didn’t even know it was a thing until I did some research to see it was a viable ghostwriting service,” she says. Today, she features her profile-writing services on and charges between $50 and $100 per profile. Happy customers can help you convince other lovelorn singles to try your services, so take advantage of sites such as Fiverr that feature customer reviews.

Image consultant

Ideal if you have a background in: Retail

Venturing back into the dating game after being on the sidelines can be intimidating. An image consultant can help singles who are looking to refresh their wardrobes or try on a new look. Helping clients make changes to their wardrobes might also give them a boost in confidence. A study conducted by researchers at the University of Hertfordshire found that women felt better when they wore clothes that enhanced their figures and were made from bright fabrics. Image consultants can command between $44 and $56 an hour, according to If you want clients to take a chance on your services, make sure you cultivate a polished look of your own.

Date-night event host on Airbnb

Ideal if you have a background in: Event planning, organizing, hosting

Singles don’t just need people to help prepare them for dates. Some could also use help planning the date itself. Airbnb offers Experiences, billed as “one-of-a-kind activities hosted by experts.” People pay money to take part in an Experience, so why not come up with one that you can offer to couples who are out for a night on the town? It can be something as simple as a moonlight walking tour or as fun as a dance class. Among the popular Experiences on the site are cooking classes, walking tours and excursions in nature. Hosts set their own rates, with activities ranging from less than $20 per person to more than $200 per person. Sign up by sharing your idea for an Experience that local couples might enjoy.

Freelance makeup artist

Ideal if you have a background in: Cosmetology

If you’ve ever had your face done at a makeup counter, you know how empowering it can feel to receive the services of a professional makeup artist. Think about how someone going out on a first date could benefit from having that boost of confidence before their big night. As a freelance makeup artist, you can go to clients’ homes before their dates and help them achieve their dating glow up. Though freelance makeup artists earn, on average, $24 an hour, according to ZipRecruiter, some command upwards of $30 an hour. Give out business cards at social functions where singles are likely to congregate and meet.

Dating coach

Ideal if you have a background in: Psychology or counseling

A 2019 Pew study found that among active daters, 67 percent said their dating lives were not going well. A dating coach can serve as a cheerleader while offering constructive advice on helping singles maneuver the ups and downs of forging new relationships. While there is no required training to be a dating coach, you may be more appealing to potential clients if you have coaching certification or experience counseling others. Coaches set their own rates; life coaches typically charge anywhere from $128 to $321 an hour, according to coaching certification organization Universal Coach Institute. Read Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches: Six Steps to Building Your Million-Dollar Coaching Practice, by Jay Conrad Levinson and Andrew Neitlich, for branding tips.

Every challenge people face creates opportunities for savvy sisterpreneurs to offer solutions. These side hustles can pad your wallet, and you may help someone like me achieve romantic bliss in the process.