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Charlot Kristensen
Charlot Kristensen

Your 'Happy Birthday Sis' Playlist

We're shouting you out on your special day! Celebrate yourself and push "play."

Happy birthday to you, sis!

Today, you can have your red velvet cake and eat it, too.  So dream big. Be playful. Let your light shine. Invite self-love and self-care to have a seat at your kitchen table.

Are you ready to start this new trip around the sun with a renewed spirit and sense of purpose? Are you committed to being the change you want to see and mapping out your grand vision?  In honor of your born day, we’ve compiled a meditative and motivational playlist, featuring 20 dream weaving and high vibration songs from sisters we love -- including India.Arie (“I Am”); Sade (“Keep Looking”); Somi (“Changing Inspiration”); Dianne Reeves (“Dreams”); Faith Evans, Fantasia and Kelly Price (“True Colors”); Jill Scott (Slowly Surely); Jazmine Sullivan (“Masterpiece (Mona Lisa)”); and Mariah Carey (“Vision of Love”) -- selected with your heart’s desire in mind.

If you’re celebrating a milestone birthday like turning 40, 50 or 60, be thankful, let go of negative self-talk and limiting beliefs (we call that stinking thinking) and have compassion for the wonderful woman you see in the mirror.

Remember, it’s never too late to dream. So what’s on your birthday wish list?

Take a few deep breaths and let your imagination flow. Perhaps you want to level up in your career or turn that side hustle into a six figure business. Maybe you want to attract romantic love or more sisterhood support. Put those desires out into the universe. Be grateful for the blessings you already have and have faith that what is truly meant for you will come. 

We see you, and we wish you a beautiful birthday filled with love, however you choose to spend it -- safely celebrating with family and friends, taking a reflective nature walk, laughing out loud watching a funny movie, curled up with a good book, or cooking a feast fit for a queen with this empowering playlist floating in the airwaves.


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