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Ziba Kashef

Ziba Kashef is a freelance writer and author of four books. Formerly an editor at McCalls, Sesame Street Parents, Essence and Pregnancy magazines, she specializes in health, mental health and lifestyle topics.
Ziba Kashef's Articles
Do you struggle with weight, sadness, lethargy, irritability, poor self-image or insomnia? Try doing this 5 days a week.
, September 15, 2023
As Juneteenth approaches, what does freedom mean to you? These inspiring leaders work to liberate us politically, financially and holistically.
, June 9, 2023
If you've noticed that mints and mouthwash seem less effective as you’ve gotten older, these tips are for you.
, March 24, 2023
Feeling unattractive, forgetfulness and fitful sleep are some of the symptoms of the mood disorder that doctors sometimes miss in Black women.
, March 17, 2023
Simple self-care may help make movement easier, once you know why standing, crouching or bending seems harder.
, February 10, 2023
Simple, delicious and natural foods could help us balance hormones and renew zest for living.
, December 2, 2022
Don’t be shy — you can exercise while clothed. And just as with physical therapy sessions to restore functionality to a shoulder or knee, the treatment may be covered by health insurance.
, October 14, 2022
The delicious ingredients we plan our menus around can be good medicine, thanks to their superfood status. Here are great ideas from Black celebrity chefs and foodies.
, October 4, 2022
After you eat a snack or a big meal, it’s tempting to just sink into a chair and relax, especially at the end of a long day. The longer you sit, the more likely you are to reach for a second helping or dessert. But getting up and getting active instead, even for just a few minutes, could have a…
, September 30, 2022
You’re not alone if you can’t retrieve familiar words or your phone, glasses or keys. The good news: You’ve got the power to sharpen your memory with simple habits.
, August 5, 2022