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Jonita Davis

Jonita Davis is a writer, film critic, editor, and writing professor. She works in the areas of pop culture, film, and entertainment, concentrating on where these intersect with women's issues, parenting, family, education, and our society as a whole. You can find her work in Yes! Magazine, The Washington Post, People's World, The Guardian, Vox, AARP Sisters Newsletter, Zora, The Fix, and so many other publications. You can check out more writing at
Jonita Davis's Articles
, February 25, 2022
My memory fogged. My depression deepened. My focus disappeared. My house was a disaster area. I rarely knew what time or day it was. Here’s how I’ve been coping, pandemic and all.
, November 5, 2021
Here’s what to know about virtual events, in-person safety and more.
, September 10, 2021
These films include Black women who make moves and live life unapologetically.
, August 20, 2021
I’d been concerned about getting older, but then this conversation changed my perspective.
, August 6, 2021
You may have missed their debuts, but with streaming services highlighting more Black cinema, here is how you can catch up.
, June 26, 2020
To me, grandmas were gray-haired, knee-high-stocking-wearing women who are always saying, ‘I got candy in the bottom of my purse.’ Then my daughter announced her pregnancy.
, May 8, 2020
It sometimes causes conflict among my older and younger kids, but I’ve worked to balance the change.
, February 21, 2020
I switched careers later than planned. It felt awkward at first but was totally worth it.