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Julia Chance

Julia Chance's Articles
, November 1, 2019
Faith. Fantasies. Sex toys. Addiction. Loneliness. Cheating men. Body confidence. Bliss. Sisters get raw, real and revealing about celibacy.
, September 27, 2019
If he insists on that sex act he knows you don’t enjoy, or you find yourself apologizing when things are not your fault, you need to read this.
, August 16, 2019
Ignoring a dry spell may lead to depression or divorce. Here’s why you’ve lost your mojo and what to do about it.
, February 22, 2019
Ashiness? Itching? Rough elbows, lips or cuticles? These moisturizing marvels are the balm.
, November 30, 2018
We’ve found luxe lingerie pieces for sisters of every size, shape and shade.
, August 31, 2018
From fancy fascinators to fabulous fedoras and jaunty bowlers, see who’s wearing them best.
, August 17, 2018
Move over K-Beauty! The secret is out on A-Beauty: treatments using amazing ingredients indigenous to Africa that bring out the best in our skin.