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Learn which yoga posture, done daily for three weeks, helped one sister lose inches off her waist and tone her abs. Plus: 5 more yoga moves to help whittle the waistline.
May 16, 2024
Enjoy sun, sand, sisterhood and sanctuary at these scenic and sister-friendly escapes. Relax stateside a short drive from home, or at beautiful resorts from Puerto Rico to Portugal.
, May 16, 2024
We asked a top trainer how to get the tight tummy and rounded rear that curve models are famous for.
, May 15, 2024
Looking to relax, refresh, quench your thirst and connect within the community? Try a healthy hangout like these cafes across the country. 
, May 9, 2024
Posh, pleasing, penny-saving ways to start any meal could help you feel satisfied, reach a healthy weight, and avoid blood sugar swings and mood swings.
Did you try to hide the last time you cried? For many, it’s cultural. Learn how tear glands play a role in balancing mind and body—and to embrace tears without fear.
, April 25, 2024
More stars are disclosing whether or not they use weight loss drugs. But some are keeping mum. Plus: 5 foods that trigger ‘the Ozempic hormone' naturally
, April 25, 2024
Go to the gym? Chances were slim.  I’ve since discovered this fitness hack that sticks my a.m. habit like Krazy Glue. What a game changer!
, April 23, 2024
These scrumptious summer fruits could help burn fat, boost sleep, curb appetite and support metabolism. Plus: Healthy recipes to enjoy morning, noon and night!
, April 4, 2024
Adding a walking pad to your at-home exercise gear can do more than help you get in extra steps each day. 
, March 14, 2024
Her bikini shots nearly broke the internet. How does she stay fit? The vegan chef reveals a simple daily exercise she’ll never skip, plus a health drink that tastes ‘like Kool-Aid.’
, March 6, 2024
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