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Learn how the celebrity chef and social media star keeps in shape from the inside out, and take some tips for your own self-care journey.
, January 20, 2023
Whether it’s metabolism, illness or another cause, being medically underweight can put your body at risk. Here’s how to manage it, one meal at a time.
, January 13, 2023
Try these easy moves to help prevent or relieve soreness and stiffness so you can move more freely.
, January 13, 2023
Give up your go-to fitness activity? No way! Besides, you may burn calories faster in the cold. Here are keep-stepping tips from AARP’s wellness guru plus a few of our friends from GirlTrek.
, January 6, 2023
Tired of losing pounds only to gain them back? It’s not willpower that may be missing from your weight-loss plan.
, December 30, 2022
No meat, no excuses, no fear, no filter and no regrets. Chef Babette Davis, clean-eating and fitness disciple, invites us to embrace life’s journey.
, December 30, 2022
Need to recharge? If you often feel burned-out, overwhelmed or low, consider this game-changing self-care secret.
, December 16, 2022
Before you press the elevator call button, consider how climbing stairs can help you get into shape, one flight at a time.
, December 15, 2022
The mood-lifting, fat-burning, pain-relieving, brain-boosting, disease-fighting fitness sessions you need now — no equipment or gym required.
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