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This Delicious Drink May Help Flatten Your Belly

Sipping just a few servings daily is linked to lower overall body fat and midsection fat in mature women. Plus: 6 other surprising health benefits.

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Woman in zebra striped shirt drinks from a mug
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Mmmmm … that fragrant, steamy black gold pouring into your morning cup isn’t just a pleasant-tasting pick-me-up, Sis. If you are watching your weight, results from a study in The Journal of Nutrition will perk you up too.

Researchers found that women ages 20 to 44 who consumed from two to three cups of coffee daily had 3.4 percent less body fat, or adiposity, and less abdominal fat than study participants who did not drink coffee frequently. Women ages 45 to 69 who drank more than four cups a day showed an even lower percentage of body fat (4.1 percent less) and less fat around the middle. Even better, drinkers of decaf coffee saw similar results.

Your health may get a boost in several other ways, mainly due to the antioxidants in coffee. If you’d like to learn more about findings from various scientific health studies, visit during your next coffee break. Meantime, some highlights follow.

Coffee may:

  • Stave off full-blown diabetes for those with prediabetes.
  • Reduce risk of death from cardiovascular disease.
  • Reduce risk of cognitive impairment.
  • Improve mood and reduce depression risk.
  • Power workouts, with less pain, more strength and faster fat burn.
  • Help you live longer.

Pro tips for brewing up the health benefits of a cup of joe:

  • Drink it regularly, in moderation.
  •  Skip the syrups, sugar and whipped cream.
  • Opt for low-fat milk.
  • Brew using basic, OG coffee filters (no pods, French press or espresso machine).
  • Keep drinking water.

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