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7 Ways to Instantly Appear Slimmer and More Polished

Fashion stylists create a sleek look by creating the illusion of longer legs. These tips work with flats or heels, slacks or skirts. Plus: Two products help legs look toned and shapely.

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Whether you're 5'2" or 5'6," a little added height is always welcome. Visually elongating your legs is an easy way to do that. You'll appear slimmer and more polished in an instant.

There are many ways to get longer-looking legs, but many are too dependent on wearing heels, which may become more challenging or less desired as we mature. If you do a heel, great. If not, you've still got some style tricks:

Visually elongating your legs is an easy way to appear slimmer.

1. Whether you go for a full tuck or front tuck (aka the French tuck), the result is the same: A torso that appears shorter, which creates the illusion that your legs start higher than they do. Combine it with high-waisted bottoms (a pair that hits you near the navel) for the best of both worlds.

2. Similar to how high-waisted pants trick the eyes to thinking the legs start higher, trousers or pants that go just a couple inches past your ankles create a lengthening effect. If they're high-waisted and wide leg? Perfection. Even better if they've got vertical stripes.

Yvonne Oriji in high waist pants
Yvonne Oriji (Getty Image)

3. When in doubt, go for monochromatic to give your body a seemingly never-ending silhouette. If you're new to the trend and don't feel confident giving it a go just yet, you can achieve an identical look with a jumpsuit instead. Bonus points if you match the shoes!

Tika Sumpter in monochrome outfit
Tika Sumpter (Getty Images)

4. Nude-colored shoes make your feet look as if they're disappearing into thin air, which translates into legs that appear longer. Just keep in mind that every sister's "nude" is different.

Tia Mowry in split skirt
Getty Images

5. Pointed toe shoes not only make any outfit sexier, but they also extend the look of your legs and feet. Many pointed shoes have ankle straps though, so you'll want to avoid that since it creates the opposite effect.

6. A dress or skirt that hits above the knees is sexy by itself, but adding a slit to the mix does two things: It unleashes your inner goddess, and it elongates your legs since onlookers' eyes will be drawn upward. An asymmetrical hemline will help the seal the deal, as well.

Nicole Ari Parker in red dress with high slit
Nicole Ari Parker (Getty Images)

7. Throwing on a cropped blazer or jacket that hits at the waist or a little higher is another great style trick because the bottom half of your body won't get lost under an otherwise baggy jacket. Sport a scoop or V-neck top underneath to take it up a notch.

Bonus tip: Show off lovely legs

If your look features bare legs or nude tights, give your gams extra TLC. The next time you're in the shower, gently exfoliate your legs to slough away dead cells. Then, on dry skin, apply a dollop of self-tanner or shimmering moisturizer for a contour-like effect. Upper arms and cleavage may not be what they used to be for mature sisters, but since the legs are often the last to go, showing them off is a style plus!