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Celebrity Look for Less: Kerry Washington

Shake the winter chill and step into spring with this outerwear trend.

With spring upon us, the sun is shining a little brighter and the days are a little longer. One hopes that we can start gradually stripping off layers, but trying to be cute goes out the window when brisk winds are slapping you in the face as you walk from your house to your car, or from the metro to your place of work.

Even though we have to stay wrapped up out of necessity, we don't have to look like Lazarus coming out of his tomb. With layers and the right outerwear, we can still survive. There are many articles of clothing that go into crafting the perfect ensemble to be chic yet protected from the elements. In this edition of Celebrity Look for Less, we will try to find a warm, long coat that will be a great transitional piece to take us through the windier days of spring.

Kerry Washington seems to have already untapped the secret of the long coat, as her wardrobe overflows with them. In an array of styles and colors, these overcoats — also known as dusters — are near floor-length and appear to be heavy enough to provide a barrier from the spring chill without weighing her down. She can be seen wrapped up tightly in one on some days; on others, it just sits lightly atop her shoulders. To get her look, let’s see how many low-priced options of different styles we can find. While Kerry prefers coats in solid colors, we can find options in many prints and designs.

To replicate Kerry’s look closely, try a solid print overcoat like any of these beautiful options in all the colors of the rainbow:


Karl Lagerfield Paris, Single Breasted Maxi Coat ($144, Lord & Taylor)

Brown Duo D Ring Belted Coat ($249, & Other Stories)

Belted Wool Coat ($160, Mango)


Kenneth Cole Asymmetrical Belted Maxi Wool Coat ($190, Macy’s)

Long Wool-Blend Coat ($119, Chadwick’s)

Tailored Twill Coat ($41, BooHoo)

Citywide Splendor Belted Coat ($115, Modcloth)

Greens and Yellows

ASOS Design Oversized Coat ($119, ASOS)

Long A-Line Wool Coat ($130, MetroStyle)

For a little bit more flair, try some of these options in an assortment of classic, yet eye-catching check designs:

Hollis Jacket ($108, Show Me Your MuMu)

House of Harlow X Revolve Perry Coat ($179, Revolve)

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Kerry Washington, fashion, long coat, aarp, sisters