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Chic Ways to Up Your Earring Game

Stylish women including Jennifer Hudson, Aisha Tyler, Beyoncé and Meagan Good understand the value of curating an “ear party.” Here’s how to make a statement, whether subtle and feminine or bold and edgy.

In case you haven’t noticed, for the last year or so, it’s been all about the #CuratedEar. Search the hashtag on Instagram and you’ll be dazzled by sight of ears embellished with multiple looks that combine sparkling studs, sleek cuffs and delicate chains. Stylish sisters including Meagan Good, Beyoncé, Jennifer Hudson, and Aisha Tyler understand the value of an “ear party” to make a style statement, whether subtle and feminine or bold and edgy. Check out these looks if you’re ready to get in on the (ear) game, too.

Get cuffed

No, it’s not just you — as we’ve matured, so too have our earlobes! They’re not quite as plump as they once were. One way to divert attention up and away is with an ear cuff. There’s no additional piercing required to sport these one-size-fits-all pieces, which you simply slide onto the outer curve of your ear and adjust until they’re comfortably snug. Whether you want to add color with these enamel cuties from Marla Aaron or bring the bling with a sparkler from Ross Simons, an ear cuff does the job. For an even edgier look, stack two or three on a single ear.

Marla Aaron ear cuffs:

Ross Simons cuff:

Under $25: A great look from Bling Jewelry

Put a ring in it

If you already have two or more lobe piercings, instead of wearing two individual hoops, why not wear one that connects both holes? As long as they’re close enough together, your piercer can fit you with a seamless ring or “clicker,” a hoop that goes through both holes and locks into place. This Maria Tash beauty, embellished with a single diamond, is simultaneously elegant and edgy.

Maria Tash ring:

Under $25: Body Sparkle ring

More is more

If you’ve had only one lobe piercing your whole life, now might be time to change it up and get a second or even a third. Before you do, consider these two trends: vertical double lobes, in which one hole is placed either directly above or below the other (as opposed to the traditional sideways placement). And piercing “constellations,” where you have three or more holes pierced in a random pattern along the lobe. Wear tiny star, sun or moon-shaped studs (like these from Love Adorned and Maria Tash) in each hole for full celestial style.

Love Adorned moon stud

Maria Tash star stud:

Under $25: HANFLY sterling star earrings

Hoop it up

These classics have been our go-to for work and play for decades. But with continued wear, heavy hoops can stress and stretch the lobe. Consider lighter, wire-thin pairs in yellow, white or trendy rose gold. Choose looks such as these from GirlPROPS and Gorjana, and you won’t have to sacrifice style for comfort.

Gorjana G ring hoops

Under $25: GirlPROPS thin hoops

Love your lobes

If you have torn, repaired or stretched lobes, you can still get in on the latest trends by adding ear stabilizers to relieve the pressure and weight of your earrings. Place small pads such as BlingGuard’s BlingDots at the back of your ear (they’ll stay put for days), and then simply insert your earrings. The disposable, adhesive pads offer invisible support, minimizing the slit-like appearance of a stretched piercing. Island Girls Jewels’ acrylic stabilizers aren’t adhesive but they’re reusable and offer good support.


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