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Happy Thanksgiving to All Our Sisters!

Girlfriends, we see and appreciate you. You’re beautiful, you’re enough and connecting with you is what we’re thankful for.

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Thanksgiving is that time of year when we pause and just breathe for four days, time enough to reflect on and express gratitude for all we have. For the editors, writers, artists, designers, photo editors, web developers and others on the Sisters from AARP team, it’s also a perfect time to say THANK YOU to our readers. We appreciate each of you — for reading, sharing and celebrating what’s special about Black women and our connections to one another. We appreciate the notes and ideas you send us, your visits to our booths at events and your comments on our social media.

Sister-friendships are the warm, protective blanket we pull close around us when need advice, support, a reality check, love or affirmation. Friendships heal. They are powerful stress relievers. Our girls encourage us, pray for us and text us crazy memes when they know we need a lighthearted moment to get us through a tough situation. They listen and make us feel alive.

You know what I’m especially thankful for? Random acts of sisterhood and spiritual support. I pull up to the toll booth late in the evening and return the easy greeting and luminous smile of the Black woman who’s there on the job. Our hands stretch toward each other to exchange coins and bills. I make note of her ID tag and use “Ms.” with her surname when we both cheerfully say “thank you.” Then she adds, “I love your hair.” Mind you, my three-day-old wash ’n’ go is thirsty for some leave-in conditioner. But no matter. She’s conveyed in her statement, “You’re beautiful and you’re enough.” And I’ve conveyed in mine, “I see you.” The currency transacted during these 30 seconds is not simply legal U.S. tender. It’s also tenderness, empathy and Black Girl Magic.

Girlfriends, I see you. You’re beautiful and you’re enough.

Let’s continue to spread those random acts of sisterhood, conveying how grateful we are to have one another. Have a soulful and special holiday weekend filled with family and friends. And know that we’ll continue to bring you real talk from real sisters every Tuesday, plus 24/7 on

One more thing: Don’t forget to stream our Give Thanks playlist while you’re basting the turkey, seasoning your famous mac and cheese, putting up the tree or navigating the interstate. One of my favorite playlist tracks is a Ray Charles duet with James Taylor called “Sweet Potato Pie.”

Love, hugs and sweet potato pie,