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Leslie Quander Wooldridge is an award-winning writer and editor whose work has reached tens of millions of readers. She is the former senior editor of Sisters From AARP, where her work included reporting, writing, commissioning, editing, and posting content; advising on strategy; and developing and hosting live social media events. As a freelancer, she covers topics related to health and wellness, relationships, personal finance, and more, with her articles also appearing in outlets including AARP the Magazine, Business Insider, Consumer Reports, and Men's Health. Connect with her on social media platforms @lesliequander and at
Leslie Quander Wooldridge's Articles
Here’s how a simple exercise helps chef Babette Davis stay fit at 73. Plus: A certified personal trainer reveals moves for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.
, June 13, 2024
Her bikini shots nearly broke the internet. How does she stay fit? The vegan chef reveals a simple daily exercise she’ll never skip, plus a health drink that tastes ‘like Kool-Aid.’
, March 6, 2024
Learn how the celebrity chef and social media star keeps in shape from the inside out, and take some tips for your own self-care journey.
, August 16, 2023
This short style is beautiful now and forever. Plus, see these 8 celeb looks we love.
, March 12, 2023
That may not be what you think it is. Recognize and treat a common condition that often looks different on dark skin.
, March 10, 2023
No meat, no excuses, no fear, no filter and no regrets. Chef Babette Davis, clean-eating and fitness disciple, invites us to embrace life’s journey.
, December 30, 2022
Here’s how tranexamic acid may help even out your skin tone — and how it stacks up against other treatments.
, December 16, 2022
This inexpensive treatment “absolutely” works, says scientist and hair expert Gaby Longsworth, Ph.D. Here’s how to try it.
, August 19, 2022
Are you considering divorce or still coping after your marriage has ended? Here’s how to feel your feelings, embrace growth and live well — right now.
, February 25, 2022
The actress, TV host, entrepreneur talks with ‘Sisters’ about her personal life and career, and one simple thing that can help us succeed right now. Plus, watch the ‘Sisters’ premiere event!
, February 11, 2022
Editorial director Tracy Sherrod discusses the significance of the esteemed imprint Amistad, and what readers can look forward to.
, December 17, 2021
You’re not alone if you’ve lost wages or reallocated funds for health care and bills. Here’s what to know about credit. Plus: Free live event with The Money Coach Lynnette Khalfani-Cox
, October 22, 2021
Veteran divorce and family attorney Michelle C. Thomas reveals how you can avoid needing legal services — and what to know if you really have tried everything.
, October 15, 2021
No, seriously. To avoid irritation, infection and more down there, call these things a ‘don’t.’
, August 27, 2021
Learn why author Kaia Alderson wrote this novel set during World War II—and enter our sweepstakes in August for the chance to win a copy!
, August 23, 2021
Get a plan of action and learn how to negotiate with creditors with AARP Money Map™.
, July 23, 2021
Discover her new novel spotlighting a Black singer who gained fame in the ’70s — plus how you can enter for the chance to win a free copy!
, April 16, 2021
In her new book by the same name, therapist, content creator and author Nedra Glover Tawwab reveals why boundaries are key to feeling calm. Join us for a live ‘Sisters’ Facebook event on April 16!
, April 9, 2021
In her new book, the TV and radio personality and former advertising executive reveals why our goals and stories are so important — and how we can respond to trials.
, February 19, 2021
Though the cryptocurrency market, including Bitcoin, is volatile, it offers the chance to build wealth. Here are some basics to consider.
, February 19, 2021