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The Incredible Shrinking Celebrities

More stars are disclosing whether or not they use weight loss drugs. But some are keeping mum. Plus: 5 foods that trigger ‘the Ozempic hormone' naturally

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photo collage of before and after weightloss, Oprah Winfrey, Whoopi Goldberg, Charles Barkley
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What healthy foods do you focus on eating? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Diabetes and weight loss drugs are making huge headlines, along with a growing parade of incredible shrinking celebrities. Among them are Oprah Winfrey (closing in on goal weight of 160, she told People in December), Whoopi Goldberg (looking many sizes smaller on her way down from 300 pounds, as she shared on The View) and her cohost Sunny Hostin, as well as Charles Barkley (who told his King Charles audience he’d lost 65 pounds). Now the spotlight and the speculation is on Lizzo, who told The New York Times that she’s losing weight methodically and slowly with diet and exercise. She didn’t rule weight loss drugs in or out during that interview. She also stated, “My body is nobody’s business.” And she’s right.

Success in reaching and maintaining a healthy weight requires a multimodal approach to nutrition and fitness, evidence shows. There are no magic bullets, and it’s wise to partner with a health care provider.

5 foods that trigger ‘the Ozempic hormone” naturally

Growing interest in how some of the new drugs work—and whether or not a shot is the best way to lose weight—has many of us minding our meals. Drugs like Ozempic and Wegovy are GLP-1 agonists, according to Mayo Clinic. They mimic certain intestinal hormones linked to satiety.

A 2016 review of studies, published in Nutrition & Metabolism, concluded, “The stimulation of endogenous GLP-1 secretion by manipulating the composition of the diet may be a relevant strategy for obesity and type 2 diabetes management.”

The hormone, produced in the G-I tract, regulates blood glucose in several ways.

  • It slows down the rate at which food empties from the stomach, which keeps us feeling full and satisfied longer
  • It stimulates the release of insulin, which moves glucose from the blood to the cells that use it for energy
  • It inhibits the release of the hormone glucagon, which raises blood sugar.

Foods known for stimulating GLP-1 release include:

1.        Eggs
2.        Whole Grains
3.        Olive Oil
4.        Avocado
5.        Nuts

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What healthy foods do you focus on eating? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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