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December 08, 2020 Issue

Real talk: No one’s seeing your mouth behind your mask. So put your peepers in the spotlight with these pigmented pencils and powder shadows.
, December 4, 2020
Are you getting the good times, love and support you need from your gal pals? These tips can bolster the bonds between you and your crew, even after you’ve lost touch for a while.
, December 4, 2020
Finding your creative voice can help with self-esteem, finding your purpose and more. See these 5 tips.
, December 4, 2020
This month brings a special opportunity to build connections that can benefit your business,  brand or bottom line — but only if you’re hopeful, intentional and authentic.   
, December 4, 2020
Our thought leaders’ transformative viewpoints on Black love, sisterhood, class, politics, justice and joy are here to help us navigate what’s next.
, December 4, 2020
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