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Hello, Astrology

How might major astrological events of 2021, including eclipses and Mercury retrogrades, affect you? Here are some possibilities.

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Editors’ note:  Astrology is based on a popular, centuries-old belief system, not on modern science. This article, written by an adherent to these beliefs, does not reflect the views of AARP and is provided as a form of entertainment only. It is not intended as opinion, as advice or as guidance of any nature from AARP.

We made it through the first Mercury retrograde of 2021, and there is another one just around the corner. When it comes to astrology, there is much more to understand besides just your sign. Astrologists believe large bodies (planets, stars, moons) have energetic and magnetic pull, and that the behaviors of these bodies can affect our moods, communications and technologies, as well as events around the world.

As a professional astrologer, I have studied these planetary events for nearly 20 years and have learned about potential effects that major astrological events may have on individuals and communities at large. Are you a fan of reading your horoscope or knowing about the signs? Then you may appreciate tracking these occurrences and having some insights into why they happen. Here are some planetary events to look out for during the rest of 2021.

Note: Each sign can be affected in different ways. (Sorry Cancers, it is going to be another emotional year.) And there are negative and positive aspects to all of the energies. (Aquarians may be living their best lives this year.) But we can acknowledge the energies, make contingency plans if desired, and lean into the events.

Mercury retrogrades

Mercury retrograde is a phenomenon in which the planet Mercury (ruler of communication, travel and technology) appears to be moving backward in its orbit when viewed from Earth. In reality, this movement is an illusion. Still, the phenomenon — possibly caused by the increase/decrease of electromagnetic energy reaching the Earth or slight changes in gravitational pulls — may result in some mishaps and communication disruptions on Earth. Luckily, 2021 only has three of these periods. The February retrograde happened in Aquarius, the sign of community and collaboration.

The next retrograde starts on May 29 and ends on June 21, and it occurs in the sign of Gemini. If you are a Gemini or have strong Gemini birth chart placements (moon or rising signs), you may experience this energy more intensely. Watch out for random texts from exes, and be kind to yourself if you feel more emotional or confused, until this period ends on June 21. (You can get your full birth chart for free from Café Astrology.)

The final Mercury retrograde of 2021 begins Sept. 27 and continues until Oct. 18. If you are a Libra, try to be very clear in your communications with those that you care about.

For everyone, it is a good idea to take general Mercury retrograde precautions. These include double-checking that your emails, texts, letters and more were actually received; making travel contingency plans for things like cancelled flights and traffic delays; and writing out what you plan to say in important conversations and reading it over in advance. As a general rule, if it has to do with communication, travel or technology, check it again. You also may consider holding off on signing major contracts until after the retrograde has passed. That said, some people find Mercury retrograde periods, or even those with eclipses, to be particular positive and profitable. It is all in how we approach and tackle what we are given.

The age of Aquarius

Now for some good news! Every 2,150 years or so, the Earth’s axis and pole locations shift slightly, causing the Sun to appear in a different astrological sign. The Sun moves through all 12 astrological signs over a 25,772 year “precession” cycle, which is the changing or flipping of the orientation of Earth’s orbit. On or around Dec. 21, 2020, the Sun moved into the sign of Aquarius. This began to usher in worldwide energetic shifts that may continue over several hundred years.

Aquarius is the sign of humanitarianism, social justice and activism — and working together toward the common goal of worldwide progress. As the Sun neared Aquarius in 2020, we began to see more of these ideals and collective goals playing out around the world. You may see these efforts ramp up throughout the rest of 2021.


There will be two lunar and two solar eclipses this year. All four eclipses will occur in the Gemini/Sagittarius axis. On May 26 there will be a total lunar eclipse, and on Dec. 4 there will be a total solar eclipse. The other two eclipses occur on June 10 and Nov. 19, although those will both be partial eclipses.

Gemini and Sagittarius are opposing signs, meaning they promote completely opposite ideals and values. With opposing energies at play, you may feel unable to move forward or backward, causing things to feel a little stagnant. Some possible effects of these eclipses include sudden endings of things that you thought were permanent, new ideas or projects that you never expected or a reevaluation of belief systems, goals and future paths.

Venus/Mars conjunction

When Venus, the goddess of love, gets together with Mars, the god of war and passion, in mid-July, there is bound to be some fiery and sexy energy at play. If you’re single, this could be a good time to get dolled up and mingle (if we’re able to). If you are married or in a relationship, July could be a good month to book a sexy hotel room with a hot tub.

Saturn/Uranus conjunction

Possibly the most significant astrological event in 2021 will be the Saturn/Uranus conjunction. This meeting of the planet ruled by rules and traditions with the planet ruled by change, awakenings and upheaval can cause some clashes around the world. Aquarius energy is unconventional, so this will only add fuel to the flame. If you are generally a traditional, reserved person, you might find yourself doing things completely out of character. If you’re normally spontaneous, keep an eye on your bank account as you may be tempted to buy that luxury product you’ve been eyeing.

This astronomical energy is not necessarily a bad thing, as changes are necessary, but we may have some darker days ahead. Future dates to watch out for as this conjunction plays out are June 14 and Dec. 24. Consider having some good movies on your list, so that you are prepared to lay low for a few days at a time.

A light at the end of the tunnel: 2022 should be a much less eventful year, astrologically speaking.