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Quiz: Learn The Secret Signals your Dress and Décor Send

Quiz: Do you know what your gray half-zip hoodie, your magenta bow-neck blouse or your yellow-painted, paneled front door are telling others?

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Did you know you can use color to boost your confidence, signal you're open for connection or show you’re trustworthy? Yes, Sis, color has the power to do all that and more.

The colors you wear and surround yourself with can impact your mood, the vibes you give off and how other people perceive you. Remember Rihanna’s all-red look for last year’s Super Bowl halftime show? Not only did the color make her stand out on stage, but it also helped boost her confidence and energy level for the performance. The bold hue was also the perfect choice to make her equally bold pregnancy announcement to the world.

The colors you gravitate to can also reflect your personality. Alicia Keys’ signature color is purple; it’s no wonder since the color is associated with creativity and spirituality.

When you choose what colors to wear, you might focus on what complements your uniquely beautiful shade of brown. But color choice goes much deeper than what looks good on you. Culture and personal experience can influence your response to certain colors, but in general, people often draw similar vibes from specific hues. Take this quiz to test your color comprehension and learn how to leverage this powerful tool.

You’ve landed an interview for your dream job. What color choice can help you slay the interview?
You’re decorating your home office and want to enhance your productivity. What colors can help you feel energized and focused?
Your closet is a sea of black. What vibes are you giving off when you wear head-to-toe black?
What color can increase your heart rate when wearing or seeing it?
What color helps you blend in and fly under the radar?
You’re officially an empty-nester and turning a spare bedroom into a she-shed. What colors will help create a calm and serene vibe in your new sanctuary?
What color helps you stand out while showing your individuality, creativity and willingness to be different?
You’re painting your front door and want to choose an inviting and joyful color. Which color tells your guests they’re welcome?
You’re attending a networking event and eager to make connections. What color shows you’re open for conversations?
What is the 2024 Color of the Year?

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